Friday, July 1, 2011

a real gosh dang camera!

thanks to baker of sauce, we finally got a new camera, i tested it out in little rock but may have gotten a little too crazy with the editing last night. check my timing though, right on!! this is going to be fun. can't wait to figure out the innerworking of the canon rebel xt!! thanks baker and your beautiful wife... again and again!

one of my favorite places in the world to skate. we always stop here first, so fun, no matter if we're rolling 3 deep or 5, nothing brings us down in little rock.

muffin butt camera stance

wrex always has air style galore all over this bowl

after riverview, next up, KANUS... fairy forest!

bambei, i'm can't remember what he was doing here, and not 100% sure this is a make, if not, boohoo, suck it!

spent the rent goes low to high off the newest kanis addition

after a bit of craziness at kanis, we were invited out to the summers home up on panther mountain! always a ton of fun with the family.

fsa on panther mountain over-vert - there ain't no early grabbin stinky shit going on up here

what you got on this tiny ass extension? wrex disaster

bambei tailslide

meat clerk grinds on panther mountain like a chop to your neck!

the oververt section got worked! wrex

kent going for the big one - stalefish

he goes for it til he can't stand no more.

honey badger still don't give a shit!

first of all a big huge thank you hug to kelly n cory baker for letting us stay at their awesome home. it was great hanging out with you watching those bitches of broward county and chillin watching skate videos with your furry kids in the mancave!! and thanks forjan and amanda for the laughs, you guys rule!! it was great to skate with the pecos locos crew again, baker, forjan, levy, greg, and everyone else that made it out... we got to attend one of the most beautiful weddings i've ever been to and boogie down to some dykerock with heather and josh as they head out on their lifelong journey together of love and happiness.... here's a bunch of cellphone pictures in the highest of quality.

as seen in role models, bagel dogs at the mempiss airport

finally made it to de la casa baker

went to tempe first night in town, almost forgot about the "look at me" kids of phoenix but i was quickly reminded. i'd always much rather look at this! take note, kiddies....

headed out early friday morning, picked up forjan and headed to the west side. desert west was first up to check out the additions. it's great with the new pyramid, can actually get speed to carve the back wall with speed, the hips are sharp and nice. basically i love the pyramid! still a lot of pushing but pushing is good for the soul i do believe!

no magnets oops!

2nd time's a charm

the pyramid, i love it!! it's so much more functional than the boulder that was disguised as a skateable feature :)

went to x-court next. wanted to go somewhere that less pushing was required but tons of speed is guaranteed. only one person was there and on a bike. this never happens!!! so fun, lasted a couple of hours as the heat was rising.

need more waterparks next to the concrete!

after maximum heat was achieved, we decided casey moore's was in order. mmmmm blue moon i love you.

the dudes of supreme quality!

went to chandler that night. it was stupid. GET OUT OF THE FUCKING FLAT!!! or get your soda knocked over. ugh... don't skate at night in phoenix, you'll just get pissed.

PECOS LOCOS!!!!! this is a tight keyhole bowl that is only about 15 feet wide with a foot of vert, and no flat. so fun for a fast carve but wrex ups that ante everytime with multiple back smiths! owwww!!!

ahh pecos <3

the next day we rode up for the wedding, it was such a blast.


back in the south, it went down hill after this. oh well... avoire phoenix, see you when it's cool!!

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