Friday, September 9, 2011


it was nice to get out of south for a little bit into a positive environment. i can't wait to be some where that people are legitimately happy and concerned for your well being. life is too short and at some point you realize that nothing else matters except keeping a smile in your heart. i'm sure someone will find a way to hate on this. and the desert flower said it best "well, that's just sad".

haven't seen so many smiles in a long time.

brian was so pissed in this picture but he couldn't help but smile due to the environment around him. hey, forjan, u should see the picture he got... epic shot of jean's helmet, i bet nobody's ever gotten that angle. hahaha....

say cheese it

stella! never too old to find your love of trannies

brian and wesley bros for life

wrex in his new spb shirt wesley made. hmmm obviously this guy rules. nice graphic...

now i know why wrex talks about colorado non-stop. these guys. 100%

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fuck em'......

Crailslides and stand up grinds will get you so far, but it's how you treat the ones around you that will describe your true colors..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

what do you call it

pennies, rainbows, quarters....


the az connection

the arizona scene has been breeding rippers for a long time, this is what a strong scene does, kicks out the kooks and promotes full on destruction.

meager team pain crew session host ripper great guy


calamity jean


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

insanetennial state

got to go to colorado for the first time ever last weekend. made the trip up and out with a couple of buddies and my numero unos. can't wait to live here some day.

everyone was itching to see wrex since it had been at least five years for most of his homies. so we headed up to the new arvada skatepark site to get a tour and skate some brand new concrete since some of them are on the crew and/or live just around the block from the new park. team pain is killing it on the skatepark design and construction front. here is some proof, no one can deny that this is one of the top companies out here right now. the entire crew is made up of total rippers ranging in age from whippersnapper to old man army status. thanks curt baker and crew for a fun filled first afternoon in the centennial state.

unfortunately the flat wasn't poured of the snakerun yet because they knew they would have to ward off poachers so i was told they wait until last to complete the premier feature of the park. this is going to be insane, roll-in points everywhere, roller hips, a doorway and a teacup that all flows into a 13 foot bowl. the design is perfect for going as fast as you wanna go...

vert walls and a doorway with lots of concrete waves is going to make this is a must hit, can't wait to see some of the stuff that's going to go down here in the future...

there was a fullpipe on site as well...however, we all needed to be at least 4 inches tall to enjoy it...

more to come soon...

Back In The Shit...

Had such a great trip! We visited homies and parks all weekend, and got in some local attractions. As soon as we pull up to let Hammond out, we are quickly reminded that we are back in the South.. Before any questions about how our trip went, someone is so quick to let us know," I'm pretty sure I've skated everything you guys went to", and "That bowl sucks".... Thanx bro'.... So good to be back... So glad that everything I've been fighting for has been for overlooked and sand bagged.. At least I know where the tension lies, and that negative remarks seem to be the important issues to some, rather than the stoke of a friend getting to take a break in life to enjoy the simple pleaures. Kinda' let's me know who I want around me..