Thursday, December 8, 2011

dare to dream!

everyone loves little rock. the skaters, the spots, the motivation, it's all infectious.. show your support of the ones you love and in return you will have good dream.
check out the dream mixtape - arkansas pride at the enjoy life website!

originality not banality - sharkbait!

so i remembered to check out the sharkbait blog the other day and decided to show some support in the monetary fashion for the some of their cool gear. the package came today and i am so excited about it, i had to share it. please support only the raddest of zines. there are some out there posting bailshots and just overall biting other's style rather than creating originality. oh snap! but anyway!

this is the best ever.

here's some lo-fi pictures to check out, just a brief glimpse into the world of sharkbait. to see more, go to their blog and order some zines... $2/a piece ain't bad!!

5 with cardiel

motivated to live

karma is real

oklahomeez brian mcnair and christian albright make an appearance

"it's so much more satisfying to help create or contribute to something no matter how small, than it is to simply waltz into someone else's hard work and enjoy the fruit of their labor"...truer words are rarely spoken

new videos dropping

first off this weekend, the new Toast Skateboards 3 Days video drops online! here's the teaser in case you missed it:


then there's this one...from the Board Shop in Tulsa:

Board Shop
You're Toast! Local Tulsa Skate Video. Premiering Next Week Dec 15th at Fassler Hall 3rd and Elgin Downtown. Live Music starts around 9:00 P.M. and Video starts at 10:00 P.M. 3 bucks to get in. Featuring some heavy hitters. It's the real deal. So come down and show some love. DVD's and T-shirts we'll be on sale as well.

well said

i think skateboarding really bring me lots of good times and
good friends. I don't mind who u are, where u from, how u look
like, what kind of tricks u can do or not, as long as u show some
respect and love with it, everything becomes beautiful and nice.

most people don't get it. some people use it to their advantage. i will forever remind you that you miss the point.

check honkonlong blog - skateboarding from the heart

Monday, December 5, 2011

don't hate, just donate!

help your favorite st. louis diy spot get some new boobs, fundraiser this weekend at no coast skateshop

sauce goes digital!

get up to the minute news with SAUCE ONLINE. with contributors from all over the country bringing you the latest of the skateboarding persuasion, you no longer have to wait for the hard copy to arrive at your local shop or rip it from your closest of homie's hands...

great stories, great photos at Sauce Zine Blog.

sorry, we only support the hella shitty...

first time i saw this zine, i was like "this is way rad!"... sauce zine did a trade with sharkbait and so my eyes laid upon my first experience of oklahoma good times and travels. here at the gay ocean, we are all about the positively motivated humans on this planet. so here is a reminder of what's rad in this shitty world.....some people can find some insult in this but the fact is, it's all in how you read it!

sharkbait zine!


some of the highlights to entice you to click the above link

the goods!

no bunny!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

another awesome day in memphis

yesterday was no exception to the fun we have everytime we cross that stateline. thanks memphis, yet again...

wrex is finding his boosts again. this is what happens when you skate in a positive atmosphere with positive people... re-progress.

binger ollie nosegrab

bambei 5-0 pivot pop off to low

ben parreno backside air

wrex mute air

binger ollie to nosepick


investiskaters re-enactment of the frightful incident of who stole jungle jeff's copers

blowing out spots with wrex and ulander

always gotta go by and pay some homage to the kerr's backyard while in memphis!

he's got the feebs on lock!

mike lasiter five-o fever

ron properly crails the pool coping!

wrex ollie to tail

black ron tucknee frontside air over the hip!

coltrane handplant!

wrex 50-50

wrex backside air over the hip!

wrex blasting another backside air over the hip!