Friday, December 30, 2011

our old backyard ruled

the relic write-up on the sauce blog

thanks, wrex for the goodtimes!!

in the past but forever proud that my words were published in the skateboard mag!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Skate Mates..

I really am so lucky to find such an amazing woman to share my life with... And the best part is, I love sharing her world as well. I never thought I could meet such a wonderful and passionate woman like my Panda gurl. She rips at life, and enjoys the quality things like laughter, support, love, and the endless journey of having fun. And she's a rippin' skater!!! Thank you for shining on me and being that wonderful beacon in the competitive world morons and turtle heads. You bring a new meaning to the word,"STOKE".. I love you!!!

She's in a league of her own.. The most wonderful woman I could have ever asked for.. She completes me.

I love my skate mate!!! She barges!!

The best sessions involve that someone special. Possitivity is a must when having fun, and she brings it every time. Thanx' for the pic' baby!!

Soul mates.. This shit is forever!!!