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Thanx Mike T.!!!

Tucson was fun!! Thanx for the pic Mike!!!

Z-Boy!!! It's An Honor!!!

Reflecting On Our First Trip To PDX.

I was talking with my friend, Shaggy, about where we got the 'Concrete Bug'and how far we've taken it. It was when we met Monk, Red, the 5, Piggy, and Neil in the early 90's. They had things already going, and were learning themselves. We talked about how rough and gnarly it was under this bridge where they were making 'props' to skate, and it was low key cause' the area was so shitty even the police never went there. It was rough asphault with some lumps poured against the back wall. You couldn't ride it w/out large, soft wheels.And the company lurking the spot was even gnarlier. That was when Palace Skateboards was trying to figure out pressin' boards, Monk drove 'The Cauldron' with pickle buckets for seats, and Beer City was comin' out strong!
Well alot has happened since then, and a few of those dudes actually made a living off of what was done out of necessity. Some have fallen off, but many have kept the flame alive. People don't understand how hard it was to put two tricks together. I hear all the time how 'gnarly' Burnside is, but they have no idea how intense the spot used to be when it was in it's early stages.
But it's awesome to see how far this place has come since we first dropped our boards on the rough asphault, to the multi-lined park that is there now. So stoked that dedication, hard work, and lots of beer have brought it from the raw needle infested lot, to a skate mecca that has been portrayed on video games, and reveared for it's constant growth. And the commitment from the ones behind it.
So, go pour something, cuz' you never know, it could become an epic spot for creativity, and debauchery!!!


2012 top union

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I Love Real Pools.

boss ballin'

watch and learn, kids.

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new stuff on sauce!

new digital zine cover !! peter gunn northwest ripper concrete whizzard!!

and our friends over at sharkbait got some new reading material with an interview from one of dgp's favorite rippers - christian albright...get some!

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