Saturday, March 3, 2012

they mad...


Friday, March 2, 2012

words to live by

Thursday, March 1, 2012

R.I.P. Danger Ross...

So sad.. We are already missing you. Pink Crack Eternal!!!

The Beer Bong Challange Video from Danger on Vimeo.


grab some snacks, it's a full feature movie.


A full length feature film about old dudes and their friends riding skateboards.

Download the HD version! (big file, 2GB)

Featuring Bobby Green, Bucky Miller, Charles Darr, Colton Brock, JJ Horner, Pat Green, and Shane Cunningham.

With friends Aaron Forjan, Alex Brand, Andrew McCarthy, Andrew Riffle, Andrew Shrigley, Andy Levy, Antonio Millan, Ari Shiffrin, Aric Blattner, Auggie, Austin Candela, Auttiesh Danger, Ben Dixon, Brandon Roggeman, Brandon Steed, Brandon Walker, Brian Green, Brian Lantz, Brian Loeffelholz, Brit, Cameron Harper, Carl Campbell, Carlos Garza, Casey, Chase McIntyre, Chris Atwood, Chris Dimon, Chris Millic, Christian Maalouf, Cody Dehler, Corey Deikman, Cowboy, Dane Josiah, Daniel Barrera, Dave McCarthy, Dave Miller, Dave Smith, David Chang, David Rossi, Deven Britzius, Donovan Nearing, Dustin Tafeaga, Dylan Williams, Erik Obertubbesing, Erinc Kocagil, Evan Okeson, Givan Walton, Isee Sadi, Jackson Casey, Jahir Carbajal, James Link, Jeff Lownsbury, Jeff Stevens, Jeffery Pulliam, Jeremy Weston, Jesse Plumb, Joe Messreni, Josh Heath, John Motta, John Rob, Jonathan Pierce, Josh Stinson, Justin Barnes, Justin Modica, Kelly Baker, Kevin Davidson, Kody Kohlman, Kyle Adams, Kyle Brewer, Lil Joe, Loren Candela, Marcus Carr, Mark Carroll, Mark Lawless, Mark Murawski, Markus Neustaedter, Marshall Winter, Matt Price, Max Mayberry, Mike Clark, Mike Pringle, Monte Hawkins, Morgan Parsons, Nick Enders, Nick Forini, Nick Hsiang, Oscar Gomez, Paul Heeter, Pete Trapasso, Peter Vlad, Pod, Preston Harper, Richard Snyder, Rick Eusey, Rawb1, Robbie Brockel, Ryan Smith, Ryan Sublette, Sam Bisciglia, Sasha, Scottie Ryan, Shane Reddy, Simon Lamby, Steve Chavosky, Steve Vaughn, Ted Schmidt, Thad Croskey, the Homie, Thomas Storm, Tim Bell, Tim Harris, Tim Ward, Tony Christopher, Tony Starks, Torrey McDannald, Tosh Meyers, Tyler Harl, Wes Novack, Wez Lundry, Zak Gonzalez, Zoe Pope, Zuke.

by Bobby Green & Charles Darr (via)"

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No More Games....

Thanx ATM, Ronnie, and everyone at Iron Horse!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


this place looks sick!

NETWORK BLOG: 4:20 WAKE & SKATE - WITH BLOOD WIZARD: Chris Gregson for Blood Wizard "Short edit i did with Chris for Blood Wizard Film/Edit: Jesse Silva"

Monday, February 27, 2012

ya hep, ya hic - we miss ya!

all heart or nothing...

Erinç Kocagil - Ya Hep, Ya Hiç Volume 2 from on Vimeo.

Thanx Wade!!!

The raddest thing about being straight up, and genuinely good to the folks around you, is getting those thank you's in response for bein' there. Especially when it's a box showin' up on your doorstep outta' the blue from homies just sayin' they appreciate it. My friend Wade from Florida said he wanted to send me something, but I didn't expect this!! Holy shit!! Thanx Wade! I love ya' brutha'! I was gonna' hang em' on the wall with the rest of the collection, but these look like they need to be ridden!! Not too mention I don't have anymore wall space.. Ha ha! Sounds like a good enough excuse to me!!

Before the hype, they were as much Portland as Poison Idea

We scored, while you snored...

Yup...... Ha ha ha!

Heaven is on Earth...