Friday, March 9, 2012

manuel reverto is in florida

at the florida bowlrider's event! raining off and on but still, he's in florida!

the gay ocean is everywhere!

new smyrna, day one of the event, looking a little wet but they have the crew drying between showers, almost time for the pros to kill it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

florida bowlriders!

my bff is headed to florida bowlriders' event taking place this weekend in new smyrna skatepark and the legendary KONA skatepark. last year was an absolute blast and i'm slightly bummed i couldn't make the journey this year but i'm so extremely excited that wrex will be representin' again this year! hopefully bringing home that monay but if not, no biggie, cuz he puts the FU in FUN!!! last year he got 2nd overall, beating out some legendary masters.. go WREX!!!

last year the az connection took over!

check out last year's blog of the event "totally obsessed with skateboarding!"

Monday, March 5, 2012

Title: This: Rad!

well i just had the most fun in a weekend that i've had in a very long time. the weather was beautiful, lots of sunshine and smiles.... skated both days with my bff and a record store opened up in town. there hasn't been a record store here in SIX years. most people don't know or will deny the significance of this event but for me it just explains even more why i can't wait to GTFO.

until that day, i plan to visit this place rather often. the only unfortunate thing about this event is that it brought out a face i'd hope to never see again, but what can you do, this town is too small... (p.s. stillcantstandya!!!!)

the record store is pretty progressive for this area. oxford is known for having somewhat of a music scene that is fairly rad. sure there are those bands that will just never go away clutching every last breath from their glory days back in the 90s but new bands continually pop up out of the blue and since oxford is conveniently located between memphis and new orleans, there appears to be good shows often.

the new store is called "the end of all music" and opening weekend featured jack oblivian who just so happens to be the gay ocean's new favorite band. here's some pics from the event!

jack oblivian rocked the store!! this little space had an unbelievable sound...


power mullet

real rippers

brian mcnair and christian albright killing a couple of texas parks!