Friday, April 20, 2012

why the arkansas scene rules the south

this video explains why i love little rock so much. all the skaters been getting at it forever, never gave up and are still stoked on life and getting on their board whenever they can. always smiling, hootin' and hollerin'... never hear them talking shit about another behind their back. no hate talking shit calling names...i guess this has a point to it.

growing up but not growing old and stale or bitter..

a prime example of what a scene should be. TIGHT.

pink crack forever

written by dangeross

Thursday, April 19, 2012

sharkbait in the burque!!

sharkbait got checked out by ""... which is awesome because it's given me some afternoon giggling material! wow, i wonder what planet some of these people come from. ah well, one cool thing has happened in their life, they were exposed to sharkbait!

sharkbait recently moved to alburquerque for better life existence... looks like things are already picking up for them!

check out the site for the latest in fashion and being way cool! PYTHON MOCCASINS WHAT? gotta get some.

^^^^^this seems so apropros right now hahaha!^^^^^

he's the best

wet boys

an idea to steal

some people are so creative

it's the best

never forget

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sauce is back! to its roots

woke up this morning to some awesome news that Pod much to everyone's surprise brought sauce back! go the SAUCE ZINE blog to read more. fuck the digital world, time to get back to the roots of black and white zines. sauce rules, dontchaknow!


So hyped! My plane tickets are waiting, car rental upgraded, and my hotel is prepaid. I'm so ready to get outta' the South, and get back to the coast for some rad times. It's been a couple years since I went to one of these, and I'm so hyped to see some old friends. Got 15 pools lined up for when it gets crazy, we can dodge out and get some plater. Hell yes!! I can't wait...... This is a well needed escape, and I'm gonna' treasure every moment. Life's great....

Ha ha!

Seems like the guys over at TRIFE have been pissin' off alot of skaters. I saw this helmet at the Memphis Skatepark. Seems like my toes aren't the only ones to get stepped on. Wake up, it's a brotherhood, not a stage...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

kanis bash cinco de mayo!

looking forward to KANIS BASH this year! got denied by overflowing river waters last year and the roads were shut down. missed busting that bash virgin status but this year, gonna show some support for the radness that is the kanis diy spot. if you can't make it, click the donate button to the right and drop some money for concrete!

ta! means thank you thank you

manual reverto made me a new shirt! so rad, thanks babe!

editing kanis footage

teaser for the kanis bash fairy forest skate or trap

Monday, April 16, 2012

aranciata rossa

black sheckler