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fuck yeah!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

street wrex

thanks, ulander!!

this is going to be sick!

keep it shred premiers this saturday in tempe, az... can't wait to see the full length...


seems like so many people get wrapped up in negativity, gossip and shit talking these days. leaves you thinking "wow, people must really be bored"... i know it's easy to focus on other people's faults... but this life is too short for all the negatives that exist in this world and we must strive to be as good as we can be while we walk this dying planet.

last year while busting our asses at altown, the memphis diy spot now known as a sore spot, we met some really cool people. one in particular is "longboard man"...later to be known by his real name, david thornton. through david we met lindsey. super fun to be around and motivated to get better at skating and love sharing their adventures with the world like we do here at the gay ocean.

so this blog post can otherwise be known as "appreciation station"... tune in and check out LUCHA SKATE !! david is the writer and lindsey is the photographer (except this one picture taken by your's truly, manuel reverto)...

and this one taken by me, lindsey learning to drop in with the help of manuel reverto. when lindsey expressed her desire to learn to drop in, i took the opportunity to overcome a hurdle of my own. one thing i love about skating with lindsey is her constant progression and wilingness to do things even i have issues with! u go, girl! 

sharkbait preview

local legends issue coming up.

sharkbait is a rad cut n paste zine formerly of oklahoma but currently of albuquerque. the gay ocean has been an avid supporter of sharkbait since we first laid eyes upon this skateboarding zine. and they also love cats... thanks to the sharkbait family for all the support, can't wait to skate someday!! until then, keep it trill, homey!

check out the goings on by clicking here: sharklahoma and buy some rad art!

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Monday, May 21, 2012