Thursday, July 19, 2012

lucha what? lucha mag!

Luchaskate has decided to start an online skateboarding magazine with the theme "blue collar skate". the deadline for submissions was yesterday... however if you want to write a piece for future issues, hit up the lucha crew on their effbook luchaskate page and let 'em know you want to contribute to the radness within!

wrex cook got the cover with a little piece on creating n skating..., and some more memphis history included in this issue, can't wait for its release in two weeks!

an a huge thank you to luchaskate for promoting the radness that surrounds us...

p.s. for the blog stalking dummy who called this a stinkbug fsa, it's a FRONTSIDE OLLIE in classic form. get lost.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's official........almost!

just waiting for the official opening, other than that, it's done! wrex went back to do some clean-up and sent more pictures. the city is so excited about their new skatepark, they are already discussing phase 2!! go check out the new park and be sure to stop in at the parks department and give them the highest of fives!

Monday, July 16, 2012

what happens when....

a community and some skateboarders come together to get a public skatepark? this!

completed in less than 6 weeks and around $100,000...west point sets a precedent for the state of mississippi. if your city does not have a skatepark, go skate another city's skatepark...or build your own. no fences...this park is for all. thanks grindline skateparks and the city of west point! we had the first session on saturday and everyone is stoked! great job! opening to be announced soon!

photos by wrex