Friday, September 28, 2012


smalltown superb!

as someone who helped get one of the first concrete skateparks in the state and knows the trials that are involved in getting a skatepark, when i see another smalltown having success in getting a skatepark, it is extra special to me. especially when it's done well. i know how extremely trying and frustrating it can be...

we got involved at the end on this one, but West Point managed to do an awesome job with it. when we went to the design meeting where we met Matt from Grindline, my excitement was renewed. and my motivation to help get more parks was restored. 

so far the project has been completely awesome, from the process to get it, to the people doing the footwork, to the construction and the end result. i think sometimes people take for granted what it entails to get a park. not only is it tough to get the money, but the actual construction is hard as shit. especially in the heat and humidity of the southern climate in the latter half of the brutal summer. 106 degrees with 70% equals heat indexes of 110+...and with the humidity on top of that, heat exhaustion is guaranteed. but the crew, from washington state, louisiana and it done. i am so proud of my love for being a part of this project and the sweat and struggle he suffered through to build this park. the park is nothing short of perfection. 

This park is so much more than just a place to skate. it's a place to build friendships and to improve your well-being. It's a great example for other smalltowns in the area that it is possible to get a high-quality skatepark for your community. It's also a perfect example of a skatepark built for around $100,000. A budget that is now completely feasible for area towns. Let's hope this sparks motivation to build more parks in Northern Mississippi! 

and so this event is a HUGE well-deserved thank you for everyone that had a hand in this. from the city employees that wrote the grant, held the meetings and worked with Grindline to get a proposal that won the money to build it.... To Grindline for working with this smalltown to ensure they would get the best park possible for the money they had...for the guys that came out and built the skatepark... to the city workers that dug out the dirt and landscaped the park after its completion and now to the parks department and the local community most of all for loving this project. they truly LOVE this park. the best quote when we met the other night was "it has been perfect".... after my experience dealing with Oxford and the constant battle which i finally gave up on..... it's the complete opposite here in West Point. 

So please come out and show your support for the newest concrete public skatepark in the area! i promise you will have fun! and a huge thank you to all of the sponsors! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


there's just something extra special that a diy spot does for a community. one that is forever growing and motivated to build something everyone can enjoy. oh and there's a lejeune sighting! i can't wait to go down and put some time in on this radness! this video rules until the end...

Cube Destroyer from Uncle Video on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

thank you!!

thank you to all of the sponsors, west point, grindline skateparks and my numero uno wrex for everything!

meeting with the west point parks director tonight to go over the schedule for the day. i'm getting super excited for october 6th! a day to  give thanks for everyone who helped get the area's newest free PUBLIC concrete skatepark!

i love skateboarding

 and my friends, don't ever grow up!! photo by aaron forjan

diy canada

girls, women, broads, ladies, skaters.....

some awesome photography of some stylish shredders... julian bleecker published the book - Hello, Skater Girl, to promote the sisters of contains only female skateboarders. the photos are awesome, great photography, check it out here and sign up for details on how to purchase the book when it becomes available to the public! support women in skateboarding!!

HELLO, SKATERGIRL.... features the top females of skateboarding...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Roll Models

couldn't get the video to embed correctly, but here is the link to a great interview about SLAG...

SLAG on Fox

Monday, September 24, 2012

ditch slapped!

panoramic by wrex

luchaskate v1.2

check it out! issue number 2 is out...this one features kanis, albuquerque, board reviews, and much more!