Monday, January 23, 2017

Friday, September 30, 2016

Heavy Flow Zine

I have been wanting to do a zine for a really long time and finally got the motivation being home alone while my hunny bunny was in the NW. The original idea was to have an all girl zine (hence the name) but I also skate with a ton of dudes so the first issue is a mix of both ;)

I knew I wanted Rachel Turner to be on the cover after skating with her again at the Davey's Sunnyside Bowl because I feel like she is one of the best female skaters I know and is super sweet and humble. She never gets any coverage and totally deserves it! Just wanted to show mad respect for this sweetheart of a person. Hit me up if you want one!

Friday, August 12, 2016

CaliFUNyeah! Part III: Hemet!

Shelly Abbott is a pillar of the Cali skate community, open doors and arms for the weary minded roaming the desert looking for shredtastic fun, California history tales and fireside tunes...

California is full of succulents of the vegetative and concrete persuasions

Brad Edwards surfing the concrete wave

Brad n Jesse doubles run

numero uno inverto

JD, son of Shelly, badass family

Brad Rock N Rolls the hip

wrex backside air

B-rad Backside Boneless
palms against a blue blue sky

mash on the gas

ocean rolls

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

CaliFUNyah - Part Dos - Vista! aka Watch out for that Pole Jam!

After spending a couple days in Oceanside, we made our way towards Hemet...we had to stop at Valley Center Skate Spot in Vista because we had been dreaming of this dreamy spot! It is a DIY that is welcomed by the city, I think... it is super fun and flowy, wish we had it here in good ol rado. You can buy 10 avocados for a dollar there too!

Perfect Pockets of California

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Ocean

Shredville, USA

It's been a bit since I have updated the ol' blahhhhhg....lack of motivation to post but definitely not a lack of fun going on. Here's some summer highlights from Leadville, CO - 10,200 ft up in the ol' mountain air. The funnest park in Colorado has this amazing flow bowl that nothing compares too. Built by Native Skateparks - great fucking job!!

On the way to Leadville, there is a beautiful reminder of how man destroys our planet Earth

Wrex gets a transfer over the island
There was so much haze from a nearby wildfire you could barely see the beautiful mountains
I think this guy's name was Travis? I can't remember...a nomad with a kickflip maybe? Can't remember what trick he did... nice guy!

McNair with a transfer over the island

CaliFUNyah!! Part I - Oceanside

Quit your shitty job and go on a roadtrip only don't drive, FLY to FUN! We took a super fun trip out to California to visit ATM friends, old and new friends, the ocean and each other........
Hottie by da beach...

Redondo Beach Pier

On our way to SOP Distribution, we found this rad spot

Brad Edwards layback at Prince Park

Prince Park was super fun, as Wrex demonstrates here with an invert
Jesse Parker with a 50-50 in the coy pond
Brad Edwards with a proper backside boneless in the coy pond at Prince Park
Jesse Parker smith grind in the coy pond
Wrex with a smith grind on the coy pond hip

This bowl was huge and gnarly, big vert walls where the rippers display their mad skills, Brad Edwards and Jesse Parker watch in awe what!

To Be Continued.....

Saturday, April 2, 2016

a variety of air!!

 wrex backside air

 josiah melon grab
phoenix frontside air

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Coolest

Monday, March 21, 2016

Bluebird Day in Fairplay

Finally got to go back up to Fairplay for the first day of Spring! This long overdue venture to see friends was perfectly described when Jesse said, "it's a bluebird day in Fairplay!" Good vibes flow free up in the mountains!

Jesse's spot is super sweet, can't wait to go back! I love that you can see the town from the bowl and his awesome tile work is scattered around.

Here's a few photos demonstrating the fun we had on the first day of spring!

No question who owns this bowl!

I was really happy to see Christina!! She was almost hitting tile!

the lower jawbone!

it's alive box

another angle of the lower jawbone, aka brontosaurus!

Max has the best smile ever! 

The Secret Garden

After a few hours of skating, we went up the hill to say hi to the General! This SBA compound is insane and has a beautiful view...Dana's got it going on.

SkateColorado history lives on with coping from the ramp Bruce built where parties follow wherever it goes!! 

That's all for now, thanks for the hospitality Jesse, Chrissy n Dana! See you guys next time!