Friday, November 21, 2008

what's gooner?

no, dude, it's GONER - short e...

i know this rad record store in memphis and the guy that owns it skateboards some. his name is eric. i met him in oxford at rightous jam, they came down to see wrex. i guess you could sort of call them a sponsor as he gets free shit from them and i'm fortunate it enough to benefit from this as well.

if you are into having a blast and rad music like jay reatard, cococoma, digital leather, etcetera.... check them out at

goner records

here's just some of my favorite music from them:

nice cameltoe!

also, an az local band, king khan & the bbq show are a goner band!

i'm watching what you say

it's just too bad i can't remember it all!

"baker, let's see that retarded unicorn" - troy

"woah, i thought that was toby burger" - bakerface

you're too cute

Thursday, November 20, 2008

finding the goods on

found the binger pic, now wrex..

not sure how old this is, probably from colorado.

binger gets around

binger is from mempho and he rips. he got picked up by toast earlier this year and has done nothing but progressed in his skating. a guy posted a link to another blog and there he is...

i am the lovechild of zsa zsa gabor and sammy davis jr

not really, i wish though... i hate going to work everyday. but at least i can get on the internet and find videos to watch while i waste 2 hours a day at the front desk...

remember this?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

boss ballin' 3

you probably saw on aforjan's blog something about boss ballin' 3. the premier is this weekend. i kind of want to go. should be a rad video!!

aforjan's blog


BB3 PREMEIRE!! 11-22-08
by David Smith

Yet another local video.The Final Chapter in the Boss Ballin trilogy. Featuring Marty Murawski, Steve Chavosky,Jesse Plumb, Marcus Carr,Ghetto D,Christian Maalouf,Paul Heeter,Saul Jahir Carabajal,Dylan Williams and many surprise special guests. 11-22-08 Tempe Cowtown 9:00pm

Monday, November 17, 2008

old man army

you know you're popular when...

the hoff and bono have been to your house!

in our living room, many famous people have passed, but my favorites have to be david hasselhoff and bono from U2.

here's bono stopping in to wish wrex a happy birthday. rad!!!

here's the hoff the day before halloween. he had some treats for us...