Monday, December 24, 2012

Reigning On A Rainy Day

Well , we made plans to go up to Memphis to meet up with some friends yesterday, but the the rain set in and we were a little worried we may not get some rolling in. We checked the park, and it was soaked. Well, we're in a city, and cities have covered parking. So we drove downtown to some old local spots. We ended up at an epic lil' garage that had loading docks, painted curbs, and lots of manual pads. Needless to say, I was in heaven.. We ended up skating there for a while, then ran back to the homie's pad for a well needed break. 
Finally there was a break in the rain, so we ran up to the park to survey the area. It was soaked.... Well if you know us, we don't roll over too easy. 
We always keep towels, buckets, broom, etc. in case of a need for a quick clean up, or possible pool. So we began to start toweling the snakerun. 20 minutes later, it was ready. Let's just say, it was worth all the effort.
I love skating, but I love having motivated friends that will jump in and get busy to overcome any obstacles that may lay before us almost more. With the help of a couple great friends, not even the rain could stop us from achieving our goal of shredding. I am lucky to have such a positive crew, and I love you guys!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

the sunshine state

had an opportunity to go to key west last weekend. it was a blast down and back kind of trip to the keys - on the way down we stopped in bradenton - 13 hours from oxturd - where the new team pain park is located with the idea to get sleep for the night - but ultimately to get to skate the new park the next morning - it's fucking fun and fast with a snake run kind of action from one end to the next where there's a pocketed vert wall area - next to the river that flows through from the ocean... the trip was fun - but the drive back as always was a killer. driving with one thing in mind - home. with fun memories to share.

the team pain park!

lurkers suck. they make things like this required. 

then we stopped in beautiful sarasota to check out the beach...the birds was crazee

toes in the sand! i love the ocean!

then we hit key west later that day and the rest is history - it's a beautiful place - the southernmost tip of the united states. not sure i'll ever make it back down that way - but it was worth the crazy drive and back to see my beautiful sister get married to an amazingly sweet man.

built to shred!

so funny when i think back to running into this guy for the first time, i knew he didn't fit in here either... the more we got to know him, the more we realized he was a lot like us. and for once, someone said "oxford sucks, man". there's nothing like validation in a friendship. nothing. that's when you know it's not just you, sometimes, it is the place that you're in. and you don't fit in. so we don't fit in together.

pat got us a gift to bring smiles to our faces. in just a few hours, we had a new ramp to rule, dude!! and even though his knee keeps him from destroying it like i know he would, seeing us laughing    and smiling was good enough for him.

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worship friendship

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a couple of rad things

worship friendship aric blattner part so fucking sick!!

BB4! with a chicken ramp siting!

wrex cook stair dive by aaron forjan

marcus carr blunt to nose by aaron forjan

Monday, November 26, 2012

fashion crisis

since when did skateboarding become so concerned with fashion.

i find it slightly annoying that skaters today are easily distracted, especially younger skaters, with the "don't do it" campaign. this was probably way more relevant 15 or 20 years ago? before they even started skating, but because Consolidated still sends out outdated stickers to events, it seems like it just won't go away.

so if you wanna seem legit and "down", hop on the "support your local shop" campaign or skatepark advocacy, or DIY... movements and campaigns that will actually benefit you and your community. these issues are definitely more relevant today and much more needed than the "don't do it" campaign.

nike supports some of the best "core" skateboarders out there, so while you fight the swoosh, you're fighting your idols.

oh and nike outlasts any vans shoe i have ever worn. don't do it or do it, it doesn't really matter anymore, but seriously DO SOMETHING. when nike starts making skateboard, then maybe you should be worried.


some history as to why Nike has remained relevant:

how nike got into skateboarding - it was actually the skaters that brought them in.

The high-top sneaker provided a snug fit, a padded ankle support, a cushioned sole, and a reinforced ollie pad, making it not only comfortable but also the most superior “skate sneaker” of its time.
In Powell Peralta’s 1987 video, The Search for Animal Chin, pros Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, and Lance Mountain can be seen wearing Air Jordans which was highly unusual considering they all lead their respective shoe sponsors. But the mid-eighties were rather bleak times for the skate industry. Vans was the only shoe company who maintained a team but was still unable to provide shoes to its pros in sufficient quantities. The team then received help from Craig R. Stecyk, the art director at Powell-Peralta, who had a go-to-guy at Nike. The eventual success of Animal Chin and the Bones Brigade’s already legendary status only contributed to the Air Jordan’s growing popularity.

Monday, November 19, 2012