Friday, April 15, 2011

thats what im sayin

i like when i get alerts from outlook that don't have anything to do with some boring ass report i need to run today...

another best zine

from the heart, this one comes at you with tales of roadtrips to unknown lands with new people to meet and sweet crete to skate. hopefully soon we'll get to finally meet up with what's got to be one of the raddest crews out there roaming anything and everything to skate.

i had planned to write a full review but i decided you're just going to have to get one from us or get it from the web to see what's between the covers. do yourself a favor and get you some of that pink crack.

Pretty stoked!!!

Well, the flights have been arranged, and we'll be going to visit some "TRUE" friends, back in the Southwest. And you better beleive we'll be skating some holes. I'm super hyped to get back to my backyard roots, and hang with 'real' people with no agendas other than having a great time and enjoy each others company. No attitudes, no drama, just epic times with epic friends.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stoke Of The day

One of the best things about skateboarding is all the friends I've made all over the world. From young to old, there seems to be no age barrier, but a common ground of 'stoke'. This awesome kid sent me a picture of his new board and Wrex Cook signature wheels which he just acquired. He even acknowledged that the artwork was done by me, and was super thankful for the time we skated together. It really makes me happy, and let's me know that we as a family of skateboarders are on the same page, no matter what country we live in. This is what keeps the fire burning!! Thanx for everyones support over the years, and I look forward to meeting more quality skaters around the world!!
"Keep on pushin'"!!

everyone loves it here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

just another epic day of my life...

got to trife early to pick up bambei on our way to LR. dudes were passed out everywhere, it was ho heaven up in that place!

skated my favorite bowl at riverview, got some fast carves, getting ever so comfortable there. wish i lived closer. here's the view from the street area

a little early on this shot but wrex gets huge airs in this crazy spot.

go faster into the deep

after a pecos-like session, where we took runs with friends, then caught multiple shade breaks with laughter and cuddly stories about days of skate yore, we headed to the indoor to hide from the sun. lyndel showed up to skate vert with wrex, it was a great session. but if you know anything about vert sessions, you know you need at least 5 guys to keep it going. here's lyndel with an ever-so-stylish invert!

soon it was food talk on the deck... stopping at vino's is kind of like a treat for the ripping we get to do. today was especially hilarious as there was some great people watching. plus bambei kept us entertained with his calzone coozie.

trife street was sending us pics of kegs so we sent them pics of vert ramps & vino goodtimes and taylor's favorite redhook douche on a poster... cheers!

after vino's, we headed to kanis. sunbeat from the sun at riverview - it was nice to be in the shade and hang with our homeez.

things are always getting built here. the crew is super motivated and the city is supportive of their love for skateboarding. every town should strive to be like the real shit that goes down here. not just the good times they see in a mag or video.

The Best Thing About Knowing Good Folks, Is Bringing Them Together....

So I get a call last night from my old friend Chet, and he says he's in town with the Nikey team, and he wants to skate some DIY and rip it in the South. I had to warn him of the grey cloud here in Oxford, and that I have a good group of friends in Memphis that are pouring and creating their own path.

So I quickly start sending messages to the Trife Street dojo to get the ball rolling. This morning the two finally hooked it up, and the session will be going down in some of the ghettos of the cultural mecca. 1st stop, The Spot....Then some epic street spots. If you know Chet, you know this adventure is gonna' be chopped full of hillarity and beer. Yeah, I think he's gonna' like gettin' Trife...

Look for local spots in the new Nike promo, cuz' they wouldn't have a Spot, if it wasn't for the hard work the Trife boys put out, and the efforts of a community coming together for a common goal..

listen closely

watch and learn.

Found Some Oxford Skate History

I was looking for some shirts for Trife logos, and found these old newspapers from the Oxford Eagle. Pretty cool to look back at all the effort given to bring this park to the community. I really like the picture of Chris Hillhouse at 12 years old, dropping in on the 'Square'. Thank you Kim, Bubba, and the rest of the people that helped to make this dream a reality....

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Baby Rips!!!!