Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happiness pie

went to cali for the weekend to places less inhabited or noticeably less people than a normal weekend. the weather was a perfect average of 72. a little gloomy in the mornings but once the sun rose, the gloomy burned off. visited a new friend colin who took us around to different parks and awesome new people. such a great way to get away from everything with not a single worry in the world. wrex coined the trip "happiness pie". here's some random pics...

wrex's big score heading out of california - 2 feet of beef jerky

tipsy fox liquor store

there are amazing hills in california.

this is as close as we got to the beach. by the time we headed back the sun was out and the waves were nice

we drove way up to pick up a friend of colin's (our tour guide), i looked over not realizing how high we had winded up the mountain - mindblowing!

our monday morning destination was closed and colin showed us their fun spot

solvang rules! and so does wrex!

i love you!!! (photo by colin)