Friday, February 11, 2011

i love super flowy

keep it creepy


finally found this. someone once filed this under "offensive". shit's funny if you think it's offensive, you're too sensitive.


this guy skates for enjoi. enjoi rules in fact they inspired my obsession with turd droppin pandas. my old friend angel once bought some gay pride enjoi wheels. jerry hsu is one of the most creative skaters. their ads are unique and often funny. if you didn't like the skateboard mom tribute ad, you suck. i could go on and on. enjoi enjoy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

trife street

see what it's like to love skateboarding >>>>
click here: trife styles of the not so rich and semi-famous

he can't be saved

hip transfer hammond to fast five-O...

photo by wrex

supafly supabowl party volume one

super bowl sunday. what's up. skateboarding not football. went to memphis, met up with the trife street guys, hit a session at terry's, got some more dropins and everyone ripped a lot, ate a lot, drank a lot and laughed all day long.

get to memphis early as usual, gotta make the most of a beautiful day.

*******GROSS CONTENT ALERT **********
found this in taylor's garden...glad i already had breakkie

it's not what you think, a chest explosion held in by maxipad happened

everyone was ready to do it

chrome gnome not so chrome anymore yet still cooler than you

altown version 2.0h

altown version 2.0h no who did this

get your game face on

tino reads while taylor 5-0s

jack fakie ollie on the hip

hammond beanplant to tail

jack ollies the hip

tino gets a steezy pivot

there's a ton more pics to upload off the camera, hold your breath maybe you'll die before it happens...

the porch party...potsy vs johnny

potsy: i told u don't look at me jonny: why do you hate me

is that hot, bambei, johnny, it's metal

bernard got no time for them fools

the meat - country pork ribs, you're down - hammond knows how to grill?

HMM is this done?

the ramp - wrex pretty much was the only one skating it, everyone else was sessioning the kegarator, props to taylor's dad!

jack cruising the street waiting on his mac n cheese - his parents are the bomb!

another rad day not being in oxford. volume two to come soon with more pics.

photo credit: most by wrex, some by gay panda-ass

Monday, February 7, 2011

deutsche graben tag