Saturday, April 23, 2011

have zombie will travel

our buddy from az that rides with the zombie crew has been hangin' tough with us in mississippi the past week. so we decided to show him our favorite place in the south... little rock. thanks lr crew for a great time as always, see you soon...

ahole bs tailslide at kanis photo by wrex (ur getting too good with the cell shots, fart panda's gonna have to step up the gane!!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

bakerface in my space

next week one of the most genuine people i've ever had the pleasure of hanging with is coming to my hood. want to know what skateboarding is about? meet this guy. (if you're lucky)

imagine a world where everyone let everyone know how they felt about them to their face and there was no behind the back antics. imagine the world would be a better place.
even though i think some people suck, everyone needs love. everyone should feel that sense of belonging. everyone.

not everyone is going to see eye to eye and that's ok. if we all see eye to eye, the world might be bland and boring. because my eye is not your eye and your eye is most definitely not my eye.

without the negative, there would be no such thing as the positive.

who made my voice so important? why does my opinion matter so much.

think about your place in this world and what you live for. and how you affect other people. just think about it.

kanis bash may 7!!!!!!!!

it's on, bitches!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be Skating You Real Soon.....

Crail block in the Frog Bowl.. photo-Joe Hammeke

don't be shocked when i tell you this but....

the people telling you that i'm talking shit, are talking shit too, so don't go thinking i'm the only one talking shit. how do you think this gets started? people that you think don't talk shit about you are talking shit about you. that's how.

I'm Tryin'.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

honey badger don't care, honey badger don't give a shit!

lump dump addition

we had a little bit of extra concrete so wrex decided to make a perfect side to the lump dump

shaping the lump dump

smoothing the lump dump

the final product

manuel reverto

props to my co-blogger for all of his help with the blog! keepin it real, always...

hell oh viewers

i successfully stole the paypal button from the trife street blog! in order to make sure it works, please click on and donate some money, honey. more money means more concrete means more happiness.


one of the things i love about diy is that once you build something and are a part of something, you gain an instant common ground with people that have done what you've done. a common ground you can only know because you were there, you busted your ass and you did it for fun. not by living through the posts on a blog. but actually out there doing it.

spencer from chic-ago sent me this link, this spot looks superfun! he put his hands to work and built something to skate.

u check out more pics here:

click here for thornside

Monday, April 18, 2011

i did this

there are different reasons why someone might not build. lack of confidence from lack of know how is just one reason (probably the least annoying reason) but there's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it and at least try. the last time we poured, i stuck to clean-up and a helping hand here or there but did not pick up a trowel. i felt like i wasn't living my full potential because everything i've tried so far, i've done. i won't let this be an exception. i've watched every step and i've heard every pointer, so why couldn't i build to?

then the truck came and it was obvious one more set of hands was needed so i jumped in and shoveled crete into the form. i screted it up. i then said to myself "if they can do it, so can i" and grabbed a darby and started working it. then i grabbed a magnesium float and started working it, then i grabbed a finisher trowel and i kept working it. in my head, i'm thinking this is too fun and my sore muscles today remind me of the effort i put in and the enjoyment everyone will feel as they roll over the smooth concrete quarter pipeS i helped build. i did this. you can too.

Some Do, And Some Wait For It To Get Done...

I can't begin to tell you haow awesome it is to be a part of a crew that's so motivated to pave their own way. We woke up early to get up to Memphis to help the TRIFE crew at The Spot. We were a little worried that nobody was gonna' show too help with the 2 yards of concrete th need to be poured, but sure enough as time went on, the help trickled in. When the truck showed, everyone got busy! I wish I could tell you how rad this was, but words can never describe the feeling of a bunch of misfits coming together to make our dreams a reality. Thanx to everyone that came out and helped. The Spot just got alot cooler thanx to the motivated hands of skateboarders with the need for something to ride. I could write about all the funny, and epic things that went down over the weekend, but these stories belong to the hard working skaters that showed. And if you want to know, then get there and be a part of the stories, and give some help to these motivated skaters. p.s. Sorry Jungle, but from now on, you are only allowed to operate a broom ar a garbage bag. Ha ha ha!