Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Two Are Alike....

I've been lucky to live in a place that has an abundance of backyard pools. There's an artform to finding, draining, and riding them that cannot be experienced through skateparks. You have to realize that these gems were not meant to be skated, and the thought of a perfect transition is not what was in the idea behind building them. And the feeling of accomplishment of grinding them is something that cannot be put into words. No matter how many times you take the same line, every run at it is different, and the need to take a different aproach is essential. Learning to go at the walls at an angle in hopes of drawing out a transition is the only way to make it to the tiles. Once you figure it out, a new world opens up, and a love for hearing your trucks barking on raw concrete is a reward that few can understand. Just the mission of locating these gems and draining them is an adventure all in itself. I will always have a fascination with these holes in the desert, and cannot wait to get back and leave my mark. Baker photo of me finding "Light After Death".

No Limit

Some things are so simple, but get so clouded and confusing when ego and a need for attention get thrown in the mix. Once we drop the selfish desires, we can see a bigger picture and begin to work together. Unity through a common desire and a mutual appreciation is easily attainable once we drop the curtain and use it as shelter for one another. I got this picture from my good friend Pod, from his trip to Orcas w/ local ripper and Trife Street emmisary, Binger. It really speaks to me, and I hope it does to you as well.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the best thing to ever happen to the midsouth --->click here:
goner records

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

more lake shots

a couple more from arkansassy

50kent lured us away and we crossed this bridge chasing sleazy steve to the dead deer ramp

misty eyed surprise - kent says "don't be bummed"


i just realized i forgot to post the cover of sharkbait #41, az's good buddy, brian mcnair gets it with what i think is a pivot fakie on a gnarly wall. if ever in oklahoma, go by and say hi to him in tulsa at the board shop - voted the best skate shop in tulsa by urban people magazine! check him out on facebook:!/pages/The-Board-Shop/136765910547?v=info


art is amazing. i buy velvet art poster kits and color them. i've even developed my own shading technique. and i think it would be fun to learn how to make my own velvet art... somewhere on this blog there are pictures of a few posters i've done...

anyway, last night we went to off square books and saw this amazing book...

here are a few of the highlights... believe me, there were tons more, and i will post them once i own this book.

first of all, hulk hogan velvet art? i have to wonder if this person was a huge fan or thought "this is so ridiculous, people will love it"

this is pretty amazing, so amazing i'd love to see someone get this as a backpiece

wow, you're hiding in the mane of a unicorn

Monday, December 27, 2010

carp-e diem

"there are sunny beaches in your future"

robin got this fortune when we went to big bowl about a month ago, i told her she was heading to sardis... looks i made it there first!

i used to spend a lot of time at this lake when i was a teenager. it was the hot spot on the weekend. rarely did we venture to the beautiful parts of the lake, mainly hanging around the "beach" where all the "action" was... so lame now that i think about it! haha... anyway, as an adult, i've learned to appreciate the true action at the lake. we went last weekend and had a blast just walking around, combing the sand, listening to the seagulls, and peering over the water... i can't wait to go back! next time i will take the real camera and binoculars. this is my favorite shot out of all of them...

overflow flowing

this could be an album cover

this was a crane that flew overhead while strolling the lake bottom. don't always look down or you might miss the beauty up above.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pipe Hunters

We took a trip to check out a glorious treasure only few have the love to explore, and search for. Many go to these lakes to experience the serenity of an open water mass, and a chance at a weekend vacation. For me, I see a different opporitunity. The chance to find hidden treasure. The best time to look is when the water is down, and the tourism is low. Nothing other than the word,"eureka" , could describe our find! We had found our 'glory hole'. It was a beautiful thing indeed. 24 feet of concrete happiness was quite a sight to behold, and the power of stoke was upon us. We were a little early in the season, but alas we had found it, and figured out our path to heaven. I'll be keeping an eye out, and soon we will be pasting stickers as high as we can reach.

They're Out There.....

When trying to reach a common ground, I've found that some hide behind the "cloak of stoke", and tell you what they think you want to hear. But in the end it just shows a lack of character, and a dissilusion of who they really are. I've learned to see these characteristics, and not put too much energy into them, cuz' in the end it only hurts their character and distorts the way people see them as a fellow human being. What you put out is what you get back. Stand strong for what you believe, and show some backbone! To say we can be friends and then act completely the opposite does nothing for your appearance. You should be proud of who you are and what you stand for.. Anything else just robs you of the one thing we're born with, and die with; honor....

we took a trip to the lake bottom. so quiet and peaceful.
my absolute favorite artist in the world is wrex cook. here are two paintings he did for two of the other most favorite people in my life...

andrew bird

frank zappa

I Need This Shirt...