Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yet, Another Epic Weekend!!

Yes, it was another great weekend with the TRIFE crew. We managed to avoid the 'noids' and hit some great skate spots in the Memphis area. I guess our adventures are so epic, that even the haters can't turn away from looking us up and checking out how how much fun we have. I guess that even when the haters want to see what we're up to, we must be doing something right..

got my ticket

can't wait, Hurley is flying me out to review this park and scene for an upcoming article in time magazine! booyah!

Monday, January 31, 2011

not designed to spontaneously combust

it was muggy yesterday and it was hard to get motivated after such a gorgeous day on saturday where the sun was out and some say it hit 70 degrees outside at a super nice family's wooden backyard bowl. so still stoked on saturday's session, we thought we'd try to hit up the local park, trudging through thick air with sore bodies and tired minds... a brief session ended with sprinkles on our forehead as we headed out to go feed a skinny kitty. as we're driving, we both happen to look over to the right and see something that made both of us smile ear to ear. ditches are as much fun to some of us as a cardboard box is to a kid.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

i c u

•Many proxy servers and proxy websites may still actually show your real IP address even though they claim not to. It is a big risk to assume that your IP address is being hidden from whatever website you are currently browsing. Proxy servers very rarely if ever actually offer full anonymity to their users. "

oh AND not only do proxies not completely hide your "identity" (which you don't really have one obviously if you need to hide viewing someone's blog), they also do not have any kind of security from viruses or provide security of any private information on your computer. i'm sure employers and owners of networks will appreciate your consideration in the security of their shit.