Thursday, December 11, 2008

do u live near upland?

go to this!

welcome to ridiculous premier

Thursday, December 11, 2008
12.13.08 Upland Skatepark Contest & Screening
Saturday December 13, 2008

The City of Upland is holding its annual skateboard contest hosted by none other than Mike Serna of SSC. The video will screen in the bowl after the contest wraps, just after dusk. Salba will serenade the audience with a live musical performance. Bring your BBQs, lawn chairs and sweaters. See you there!

badass boardslide

dixon's rail that nobody hit but wrex! and landed a badass boardslide!! that's my man!! hotness activate!!!

photo ripped from aaron forjan's blog

friendship activate!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

diy skatepark project in rwanda

please check out this site!

radness in rwanda

the tell-tale signs of manhood

happy call-in gay day!!

JUICY!!! today is the day you can call in and come out!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

zombies alive

tyson sent a link to the blog of what seems to be a very normal lady who randomly encountered the zombies out filming for the az crew battle, read it here:
pinhole photographer

bad egg zine

if you haven't checked this out, do so asap. diy skate zine from colorado. there's a new issue out. go here for more info:
bad egg blog

kind of a blah morning, thought i'd go through some old emails with more forwarded cell phone pictures. sometimes, they actually work out.

mike rains head popping out of places romance oozes - jonesboro, arkansas

wrex and jayzpx were in tennessee building the franklin bowl, i think it's called the "general", and i was up visiting from oxford. here's wrex with a breakdancing interlude, poppin' n lockin' fool as they skated the hotel parking lot...

he sent this one night when he was building the skatepark out in alburquerque. it's a rad ditch called the bear. apparently the walls are about 30 feet tall. i might be accidentally exaggerating.

i spotted this on mill avenue in tempe. we were walking back from just seeing american hardcore in the old movie theater. it was a cool place with comfy lovebird seating and an antique feel to it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

bedazzler still alive

this is what happens when you leave your jacket behind, wrex is sick and stuck at home, and the keyser-rusen clan unveil their bedazzler.....

sorry chuckles...

look for this custom made wrex old man army jacket on ebay

would you could you?

from toby burger blog - featuring simonetti living room

little blurry things

another green salad, another ice tea
there's a tunic in the closet waiting just for me
I feel like I'm disappearing - getting smaller every day
but I look in your eyes - and I'm bigger in every way

this weekend started off with a mission to get hanson brothers tickets for saturday night's show so we opted to have lunch at hollywood alley instead of skating (that was a toughie). i learned a good lesson that day - "there are two things you never order at a bar - that's salads & wraps" - wish wrex had given me that advice before i ordered the skimpy salad in a tortilla. the french fries were really good but i was totally jealous of his pattymelt. mmmmmmmm
we found this cowboy passed out on his horse (there's a ton of old western photos inlayed in the table tops)

we ate and then found out (despite what the flyer said), you could only buy tickets at eastside. great, more opportunity to spend more money that i need to save! i love eastside records. i noticed they had the new midnight on cd... lucky bastard, if you see this, we highly recommend you get it!!!

sorry, this version does not come with the gremlin! here is the eastside business card for those that don't know... mike is very knowledgeable and you can find a ton of stuff if you are into punk, hardcore, metal on vinyl. he's also got a few highly collectibles hung on his wall.

next we went home and hung out for the rest of the night since we had an exciting weekend ahead of skating and friends. pod was also in town for the new sauce release party at bob's ramp.

saturday morning we got up and skated pecos, hung out, laughed then headed home for a chicken ramp session.

here's albsure, morowski, and dave taking notes as wrex takes a slam

al & morowski taking notes as pringle rocks the dr. seuss quarter pipe

the session went on until around 4ish (for me - i went and hid in the bedroom to attempt to take a nap, but it didn't work. too much excitement outside i guess...)
old man brian showed up with tamales and brett later on as we got ready for our night with the hanson brothers!

i wish i had gotten pictures of the show. i'm really bad about leaving my phone in the car. the first band that opened up for them sucked!! i guess the easiest way to describe their style is "trying too hard". the next band that played, the revenge, was really good. that guy's voice is so familiar and so is their sound. i will have to find out more about them. hanson brothers were the best. it's amazing that these old men still rock as hard as they do. in case you don't know, the hanson brothers are mr. wrong and mr. right from nomeansno with tom holliston on guitar and mike branum (i think) on the drums. if you know anything about nomeansno, you know how tight they are. hanson brothers is no different. one thing i really admire about them is their lack of fear to write emotional love songs that will rock your face off. wrex got their cd and the "my life has bottles in it" tshirt and i got the "puck rock" one. it's my new favorite shirt.

the next day we met up at chandler and skated for a little bit before heading out to bob's ramp. everyone met up at our house first and we watched boss ballin' 3 that dave smith it was a "premier of sorts" since most hadn't seen it the finished edition. wrex got a spot in the random skatepark section. if you haven't seen it, check it out, it's definitely one of the better street skating videos i've seen. you can get it cowtown or freedom. you can watch the teaser here:

we finally get everyone rounded up and head out to awesome bob's house. troy got a call on the way there from dixon talking about this handrail he built off the side of the ramp. i think we were all envisioning something from the flat to the dirt. when we got there we saw that it went from the deck, down the stairs, into a plywood flat. guess who hit that biotch first? after 3 tries, wrex landed a board slide! woot.. like he said, east side bitches represent! haha... everyone was stoked for him. i'm going to try to brainwash someone into sharing pictures with me, because like i said, i suck at taking my phone with me (my professional photo gear!)...

here is a sauce sticker. logo by wrex:

after many laughs, hugs, and beers and weiners.. we headed back to the east side. got home and got out our fuzzy posters to work on... what a way to end the night.