Saturday, December 20, 2008

lots of action in the street

wrex and aforjan's bff made a small quarter pipe for a lady's 2 little kids. test driving it was fun to watch..

Friday, December 19, 2008

have fun this weekend!!

my boyfriend told me about a drinking game him and his buddies used to play in high school called the van halen drinking game. everytime david lee roth howls, screeches, or OW!s, you gotta take a drink. we played this the other night when alburracho was over and we were watching a skate video and a van halen song came on. it's not as easy as you might think. david lee roth gets in these scowling frenzy solos and it's nearly impossible to get a drink in with each one. the song ends and belching ensues. and then never-ending laughter.

do it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


i am not bored but i found this just perusing through some other blogs. it's pretty damn rad!


sauce double oh seven

sauce is a rad skate zine from pod (portland) and bakerface (tempe)... each issue gets better and better and apparently more colorful as well. baker seems to be really comfortable with his writing. i almost felt like i was sitting there listening to one of his stories when i was reading the "animals of summer" article. RAD!!! great shots of summer ramp skating in az. tom & his summer oasis, chino crest, gets props! there's a story on the history of the ollie called "ollie ollie oxen free" - i haven't read it yet, so i can't give you the lowdown on that one but the one that caught my eye was the "science of an add on to a backyard ramp, arkansas style" wooo! funny ass pictures. i never knew the water bottle trick. there's something that resembles a scene report gone out of state with pink crack and the nypd. they got a rippin' chick there too! there's a couple of reviews by bakerface on "under the influence" (rad pool skating video in case you don't know) and the falling down deck on old man army. this is a thick issue... onto the full pipes of colorado, some of the raddest shots by pod! yeeeaaahhhh pod!! a skaterock section and the daily grind photo mission... almost too much to mention in what i think for some reason should be a short thing to write, but i'm wrong, this sauce is jam-packed with skateboarding goodness. okay i'm starting to sound like a commercial. sorry!

here's a picture from the issue...

tank girl from nc

tom at chino crest

"the 8 minutes of me skating by myself" video

just kidding, i wouldn't want to bore anyone... so watch this instead...
i found this on ghettod's youtube favorites!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

funner down under

in queenstown, nz. concrete radness popping up all over the world. i spotted this one on concrete disciples. nice job, guys!!

concepts for bands vol. i

one night a few years ago i was hanging out with one of my best friends from mississippi at one of our favorite bars called Ajax. this a good bar to go to escape the crowds in oxford. they served awesome southern food (thumbs down on getting rid of the cornbread)and had awesome beer! me and beau were drinking, talking, laughing, etc and somehow we ended up talking about zydeco bands. and he said he always wanted to start a ZETAL band. gnarly bass, banjo, drums and a washboard! zetal is zydeco and metal. we even drew a picture of ZETAL - it will rip your face off!!!

places i want to go vol. ii

yesterday when i found the new germany skatepark, i had to go back and find pictures of malmo. not only is sweden a nice country, they have fun lookin' skateparks.

this is Stapelbäddsparken - Malmö, Sweden
pictures from

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

die deutschen sind beschäftigt gewesen

i ended browsing new skateparks on concrete disciples and saw where germany is stepping up to the game. go europe!! check out this shiznit...reminds me of malmo just a little bit.

photos by heiko jager - this is stuttgart; set to open in january 2009

bad egg zine #6

yesterday i got home from work and saw an opened empty unfamiliar envelope on the end table in the living room. ohhh what did we get?!! ash from colorado who came down for an event stayed with us for a day. she does the bad egg zine and she's rad. she sent a couple issues, one for us and one for bakerface. like a goodzine maker should, she trades with other zines. i've never actually held an issue in my hand, but i have seen them on the website. the zine is a photocopied issue, black and white, lots of photos and some creative writing on things that are going down in the skateboarding world that you won't read about in major publications.

this issue features a brief article on her and her hubba's "egg" at their previous homestead, the new colorado springs skatepark, an update on some colorado skatepark projects (bennett diy, nederland, ft. collins), an article on her trip to az recently (with some rad pool skating shots), jail mail with jack the ripper (which i'm having a very difficult time reading - when you see it, you'll know what i'm talking about), and a bunch of random photos (one of which is wrex at the chicken ramp). on to some of my personal favs of the zine... the upper lip review of moustaches and the "hole in the sun" review.

so to sum things up for you, if you don't get this zine, you might as well get a subscription to rollerblade weakly.

to get a copy, send 2 dollars to ash or find it somewhere for free. bad egg:1354 s. poplar st. denver co 80224 or

ex-badash egg

Monday, December 15, 2008


a painting by mr. cook

through the mind of bakerface