Thursday, December 24, 2009

i have an entire 10 days off after i leave work today. my agenda? skate skate skate... (after family duties are over of course). most of my time will be spent in this hole.

an empty thought
obsession - booty sweat

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

every year i get less and less excited about xmas. nobody really treats it like its original meaning. more proof that religion is empty. it's all about consuming and feeling guilty about not having enough money to buy them what they really want. seems like more assholes are out at this time of year too.. i see people who took the time to decorate their houses and have blowup toys in their yard and deflated because some jerk punched a hole in it. does anyone really care anymore?

agent shitriot

i stole this from a trendy movie blog because seagal is in it!

agent shitriot

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

bob bla ba


this little puppy is now almost a year old now. he's huge. 90% wolf.

for your information

from the skateboard mag website:

The Tony Hawk Foundation Board of Directors has announced the recipients of its Fall 2009 Skatepark Grant Awards, as well as a special allocation to match, dollar-for-dollar, donations to the Watts Skatepark project in Los Angeles.

From the 52 applications submitted for this season's Grant Review Session, the Board of Directors selected fourteen from low-income communities across the U.S., and collectively awarded $130,000 to help build free, quality skateparks that will serve at-risk youth.
Fall 2009 Tony Hawk Foundation Grant Recipients

* San Luis Obispo, California


* Mount Airy, North Carolina
* Lyndonville, Vermont


* Aurora, Illinois
* Brooklyn, New York
* Wilmington, Ohio
* Dormont Borough, Pennsylvania


* Estherville, Iowa
* Lyons, Michigan
* Mecosta, Michigan
* Royalton, Minnesota
* Commercial Township, New Jersey
* Greenfield, Ohio
* Martinsville, Virginia

Monday, December 21, 2009

quote worthy

"let's see how many people we can get to trespass an empty pool at once."


an early xmas present from my main squeeze ♡♡

he rules the pool

he made one line drawn with a pencil. and he changed my world. thank you!!!

and thanks forjan for the pic! wrex frontside grinds with ease. blaarrrrppp!