Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Fun In Little Rock!!

I can never describe in words how much fun we had in Little Rock, so I'll just post some photos. Thanx to the "Dr." for the pics.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

want to go here

but when will i ever be in philly?

click here for --->
3:16 bowl on focus

dark and desolate

was the relic

until wrex gave it some TLC

the dragon rides brimley

i could say i got to skate with this guy all the time every saturday at pecos back when i lived in az...but to say one skates "with" him one would mean to engage in a supreme tech skill display of skateboarding. which i lack. a super quiet guy and when he did open his mouth, he talked through a smile. nobody is like him. you rule, david smith!

make me miss you, mesa

marcus carr at the mesa arts theater

which was only a 3 minute bike ride from our old house. pretty cool building and places to skate... there's also pretty fun parking garage nearby that can be a bust by nerdy golfcart jockeys. worth a 15 minute session on a rainy sunday tho...

marcus carr has a blog, check it out here---> murdaaz

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

drove to egypt

saw this pyramid

jk... over the bridge and through the woods to little rock we go

breaking the ice

preserving the pma

getting out with my BFF and the memphis crew travelling to little rock are two things saving me from suck hell here in oxford. three hours away and there's so much to see and do skatewise there. not to mention, feeling at home with the locals. words can't describe the feeling i get just thinking about last sunday. everything is beautiful in little rock, except maybe the giant turds i looked down at as i squatted down by the river to release my bladder. (the bathrooms are NOT open "only on the weekend").

not battery

tino was in heaven here

this hill is super gnarly

can u dig it

LR guys took us to this spot. the little rock scene pretty much rules the south. dirtbags will always reign supreme.

sleazy steve getting grind easy on the gnarly chunked out bank to curb

everything's big in little rock

start off the year with the biggest kinked rail of your life...

wrex airwaxes the sticky rail

tino gets handgrab 50-50s

mission accomplished