Monday, January 4, 2010


skated in the new year

instead of sitting around partying drinking it up and getting wasted, we got motivated to skate. luckily my best friend and two of my favorite skate buddies no longer survive through the party lifestyle... so it makes it easy to roust their need to skate. first up was desert west. i love the hips there. and the bowl is the smoothest thing in this state. "because shaggy did it" -quotable ninjegasus

we stopped by the house of pool theatricks on the way there and a pool was relinquished. so on to desert west...

this was the first park my bf took me to after moving to phoenix. i instantly fell in love with the hips.

these are some banks that grindline put in with the bowl. baker, carl, and wrex were having a fun session on it while i took a break and drank a squirt. i guess i should have gotten closer, there was some rad stuff going down.

mirror mirror on the back wall, this cell phone picture does no justice at all. this was fun and pretty whippy. we only got about 3 runs each, ninjegasus = zero thanks to the angry neighbor from across the alley.

yep, new sauce is out and this issue is a-nice. the pictures are super crisp and clean. this issue is a tad thinner but delivers your expected sauce goodness just as well as its thicker predecessors.

oby always sends in something fun. this time a vert ramp story.

dream session! by baker... which i so luckily got to attend. the day started out at pecos, got to meet julian from antihero and dorfus. super nice guys that rip. in this article by baker you will see trujillo clearing the gap at the keyhole. wrex got roll-ins at the pond... it was all insane to see.

baker also did a little write-up on the desert west bowl bash on valentine's day.

his article talks a little bit about the history of desert west, phoenix's first skatepark. i like this a lot. we were just there on friday..

there's an installation by pink crack. those guys sure know how to rip a party session...i like the fact that they travel a lot. one of my favorite zines with a blog.

and last but not least, this sentence has 2 words that make portland a beast that only the strong can embrace...

support this rad zine! pod and baker do an awesome service to the skateboard world. the cloths are rad and serious rippers love the wood that sauce offers anyone with at least $13 dollars to spend on something worthwhile. that 30 pack can wait.

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