Friday, January 28, 2011

is goner where you are?

goner rules and so does anyone that listens to, supports and carries goner bands... if you don't have goner where you are, let them know...

Goner Records Needs Your Help!

As we're attempting to get our lps & cds to people all over the world, we need some your help to let us know where Goner stuff is,
where it isn't, and how we can do better in serving folks inside and outside of the US.

Music retail is a crazy business right now and we really appreciate anyone nuts enough
to have a store going, especially if they're stocking our Goner releases. We'd like to know who they are
so we can treat 'em to goodies and keep them posted on upcoming events and releases.

Our artists are touring the US and Europe and hopefully will get to other areas as well.
Support from stores and distributors goes hand in hand with successful touring.

Could you let us know where you get Goner stuff... or where you DON'T get Goner stuff?

IE... do you see In The Red, Slumberland, Siltbreeze, Dischord, or other semi-similar labels in your local store but not Goner?

Let us know your
The name of your local store
What you buy or see there.

(send the info to

Your local store can get our releases from Revolver Distribution directly -
or from one of the various One-Stops and distros they sell through.
Let us know if they say they can't get Goner stuff... we'll get on it!


must be forjan photo appreciation day at dgp

the brimley dragon dave smith by aaron forjan

one of az's finest - deaf alex photo by aaron forjan

super stealth del scorcho by aaron forjan

air wrex photo by aaron forjan

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


extreme LOL

this is how it works

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

just in case

anyone forgot...

Monday, January 24, 2011

dulce de duce

the cloud line hovered as we made our way out 221 miles away from bad vibe city. i kept my eye on the weather, and i kept reminding everyone 47 & sunny. not a worry in sight.

smile for forjan!

wrex was boosting frontside airs from the shallow

and backside airs out of the deep

various pictures of riverview... this is by far the funnest bowl i've ever skated. it's fast, it's smooth and i added a pocket to my run. i wish i lived closer.

fuck around lay around hammond

it was another amazing session, got warm enough to remove layers and feel a little sweatee... after a couple of hours, we all agreed it was time to move onto the next thing. we stopped by en joy skateshop's new location. it's super rad, will have an indoor park with an 11.5 ft vert ramp... we stopped at a quickshop, then headed over to...georgie's secret garden - el duce

he said at first it was scary but he grew to love it. janky is always good, my friend.

bambei's so excited he dance magic dance on the deck

i see the light...

hammond ate it on his first attempt, was funny. everyone giggled.

bambie drops in to the tight gnarliness right after watching hammond just eat it and makes it

fakie rock

wrex loved this place, 5-0


georgie's friend, tyler, was ripping the concrete mini... he reminded me of our skaterat friend, caleb who used to come by and skate the chicken ramp until two in the morning... styler was pulling some crazy stuff, but this is the only pic i got...

after the sesh-on, we followed georgie and tyler to za za, a rad place that serves fancy pizza and salads. they wined and dined us (literally). i have no idea if vino's is the most amazing pizza on earth, but this place rules. i ate so much and still felt like i could walk. fancy flour from italy must be the secret to amazing pizza.

thanks memphis and arkansas crew for another eventful trip. see you soon!