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vans x hello kitty

New Vans Collaboration with Hello Kitty
Posted 03/02/2011 by KellyJust announced! The newest collaboration for fall will be sure to cause a fuss among girls of all ages, as Vans joins forces with the global icon Hello Kitty. The limited edition Vans x Hello Kitty shoes will make it's debut in June in kids and adult sizes. This is all the information we can leak for now, but be on the look out for more details to come.

lunchbreak qp

skateboarding on your lunch break is always a great addition to the day

better than a turkey sandwich

mike came over and got a taste of the action


had to go on and git up to memphis to see binger before he heads back to the northwest. was good to see the not-so-lil fella, he's probably grown a foot since i last seen him and lost a tooth or two, didn't think he could possibly gain more character but i suppose portland's been good to him. stopped at altown to meet up with the crew, watched a quick session, these are the pics. i know they are blurry but i don't give a fuck. if u don't like them, go on and take your own damn GIT!!!

binger pops an ollie over the new lip, i noticed it's been getting worked... nice!

wrex and his ever stylish back smith

binger - i think this was a back smith with a grab, it went by fast and i forget

wrex backside disaster

wrex sweeps the to-vert-lip

wrex front rock

taylor crail

goodnight, keep it classy

sweet threads

i love the day

that we found this and it always brings a smile to my face when we go...

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donating will make you cool

as you've probably seen or heard, altown II is underway full force. one qp is already done pretty much and the forms for the next phase are underway. trife street guys we all know and respect are constantly hard at work to build something to skate, taking their destiny into their own hands.

if you love trife street and/or concrete to skate, take a few minutes to donate a few bucks. instead of going out and getting that big mac meal, spend it on a bag of crete, save your boobly ass and live longer. do it!! people will think you are really cool and/or nice and possibly will want to skate with you.
click here to donate to altown deuce

the power of the bulge

after a quick rad testrun session and major props on the previous weekend's work, we assessed the situation

everyone was working hard while bambei texts about his labyrinth stats

the sweet crete mixed to perfection

once the crete is mixed, it's time to get to packing and smoothing it out

a little while later....

it's pretty rough to add concrete to a vertical situation where existing concrete is lurking. but with plenty of work, the two blended out nicely.

the beautiful lip

he rules!!

skate and create always ripping diy or die. he rules so hard it makes other people sick!


baker rules, he's got a diy crew started of his own in az... this looks rad!! you can always count on hunter to get something going, good luck brothers!!