Friday, January 29, 2010

this is in queen creek and it was fun!!

queen creek's streets are a little weird, a side street can be missed pretty easily and you end up making a big circle. but you get to see interesting terrain on the way or hear a story about the closed down military academy for kids that get in trouble. there's a lot of these farms with rows and rows of pecan trees. kind of reminds me of mississippi.

this is the view of the vert ramp from the deck of the bowl. you can also the tight little mini ramp that has a spine.


free air!

this is the view of part of the street course from the deck of the bowl.

baker was grinding so fast he was a blur

dickman in the bowl

behind the bowl

after the session, we were all laughing and having a good time. no one can bring us down!! here's to more fun times and good skating...

we're spearheading the technology of the roller skate!

grants pass

normally i would say i hate it, simply because it's there and not here. but i think i successfully transformed myself into a positive person. and through this process i've never been so unhappy. nonetheless, looks like a rad park that only the NW could have...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

while certain people are stressing having coniptions over things that have nothing to do with them or things that happened 20 years ago that they weren't even around at the time...we'll be over here having fun laughing at all the ridiculousness staying positive trying to live life and make it through the hard times.

think about it. remember what's important in life. if you ever have to question it, take a look at the cute lil eyes that watch what you do.

Monday, January 25, 2010

pecos wrex locos

photo by aaron forjan
chino crest under snow. tom sent me this pic via text message.
this weekend some coloRADo guys came into town to visit the bff... pool skating was on the agenda of course but the rains came in torrential winds blowing trees down and filling empty holes.

this only took about 20 minutes since there was 5 of us to bucket it out and dump it.

and this is another friend's backyard. his took over an hour with 6 people, he lives a little farther south of us and got more rain.

his wife came home from work after it was bailed and saw the water in their grassy area. she thought it was from the rain and said "wow our yard is flooded, i haven't been back here since it rained"... i didn't say anything because at first i forgot that we had just bailed it... call me braindead... then finally it hit her (and me... oh yah!) and we all laughed...

here's her hubby getting caught in the action

here he is catching me catching him in the act...