Thursday, January 22, 2009

making my day complete

"yeah, carve my pocket!"

wrex, al, and brian worked on the pocket yesterday and got it skateable.

the unfinished pocket

wrex carves the pocket

frog carves the pocket

al carves the pocket

brett carves the pocket

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



funtimes without aforjan..... :(

my timing was off in most of these. wrex's phone has a different timing issue than mine. but his takes better pictures. some rad dude has this ultra rad setup in his yard. thanks, dickman!

pool-addicts wrex n hoss discussing the deepend

tight facewalls make for tough frontside grinds

dickman, wrex, n hamknuckle session with a kid on a weezleboard

gobber joins in as wrex gets a bs smith

from a distance - greek n lundry paying their mini-ramp dues

wrex watches as hoss gets some of dat sweet plaster action

al feels the breeze through his hair (and arms)

wrex gets another "first one to grind that"

"did you know that krakatoa was actually the largest volcanic explosion in history" - wrex

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


brian bullis (aka OLDMANBRIAN) sent over some random shots of the KRAKATOA! OW!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

the only time it's ok to wear your hockey fan jersey out in public

about a month ago we went to see the hanson brothers play at hollywood alley. awesome show... photos by brian bullis...

the ronnie n wrex show

ronnie, al, and aarone came by to skate with wrex yesterday and finished off the carne asada from oldmanmike and oldmanbrian's birthday session on saturday.
wrex n ronnie pics by

pelvis heard all the commotion and had to stop by to see what was going on

aaron shows his meat cutting talents with the sphinger


this guy approves...high five!

love in the afternoon

ronnie stopped by

dan tag knows whats up

photo of a photo in juice