Friday, January 14, 2011

big ball of snow

if snow doesn't make you happy, you're a big grumpy bag of sucks2bu.

kanis 3d

stolen from ryan galvan's facebox

indoor craziness

build your house around a ramp

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow princess

at the local hottub

last weekend, we met up with the trife guys, again. i know, this is becoming a regular affair. and i don't mind a bit. see memphis has these little gems, a ramp inside a shed, a backyard bowl made of skate armor, it's only a couple hours drive to little rock or various other places and the guys welcome us with smiles and hugs. it's great to see their faces as often as possible.

i finally remember to point this out to bff trip before last and we remembered to pull over and get a shot of this. this trailer has been in this spot for as long as i can remember, way back when i was a kid and we'd drive to memphis at 55mph, i forget what company was there... but they were humpin' to please.

finally get to memphis...contemplating what to skate first, we rode the ramp for a minute, then down the driveway and out in the street. ideas were tossed around by the trife crew. hammond had a gnarly sounding spot in mind, but we ended up heading to le casa de terrytopia. it's in the older part of memphis with less noticeable effects of urban development, still larger yards with landscaping and wide lanes. older looking "homes" with huge yards keeping your neighbors at bay and you can tell there's family history here.

i'd seen tons of pics and footage. it's a lot smaller in span than i thought. the pics and footage i've seen make it look more wide open and shorter in wall size.

wrex cut the session red ribbon with a huge frontside air

bambei tailslide

bambei lien to tail ON POOL COPING

wrex 5-0

tino lipslide (but this might be a fakie disaster, can't remember)

taylor kept trying fsa tailgrab, not sure he landed one but he landed this bail

then jungle and oolander showed up and things got straight outta control

wrex got a 540 over the hip, check out that back foot, i have no idea how he landed this

i like to take roll-in shots.

bambei blasts huge major air over the hip


this picture turned out weird, but ulander was getting longass grinds through these corners, though he might crash into the extension, but nope, he pulled it off. fun to watch...

jungle was hard to contain

dance magic dance david bowies pants

hammond 50-50 ON POOL COPING

so that pretty much sums up the photojournaling of the day at terrytopia. i have to give this a 4.99 starts out of 5. the only thing i would change is warmer weather but hey, what can you do about mother nature? i quit taking photos about 2 hours before the session ended. a couple of kids showed up, wrex, hammond, and ulander kept ripping it up.

have to say it was a great day!! thanks memphis crew! and thanks most of all to terry and family!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow daze launchramp!

can't wait to hit this when i get home. snowcreation by manuel reverto


click here to see: he's only famous in his head, aaron forjan goes pro at photographical blogging over at digital skateboarding

kickturn the face of a roman