Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

more pictures from colin skaterat

this is jeff from jungleland skates at solvang. he's the one that lives up the winding roads in the california hills. the drive up to and from his house was fun. i wouldn't mind living there one day if i happen to get rich somehow.

this is chris strople. he's the guy that invented the alleyoop. he was extremely nice. this is at duarte.

ahhh...santa clarita's new park. this park is amazing. however, the day we went, the traffic was insane. since they allow bikes, it makes it difficult to get around when it's crowded. we went back the next day at 8 am but it was closed due to the holiday. oh well... next time!

this is wrex's smith at loree and jon's ramp. loree and jon are super rad people. we camped in their garage with the ramp on a comfy ikea couch. colin got the ramp. such a fun night with lots of laughter!

this is loree and me on the comfy ikea couch with their hilarious dog. colin snapped this over his head.

this is solvang again. this park was pretty awesome and not your average cup of tea to skate. such beautiful scenery and a lovely bbq area below the park.

this is wrex crushing jeff from above at solvang in the bbq area.

this is rockn ron. him and jeff had a session on the 8-wheelers. i can't comprehend how to ride one of these things nor have i ever try nor will i ever...probably.

a huge thank you to colin, jeff, rockn ron, mo, loree and jon for the fun and memories. can't wait to see you guys again!!

finally, a real solution!

Monday, June 1, 2009


this is fillmore. a rad little park. but the stairs are in the worst spot ever.