Saturday, December 18, 2010

Epic Show At The Ajax Diner Last Night!

Well, me and my baby went to go see our friends band play last night at the Ajax, and I'm glad we did. The E*Meters opened up for Tyler Keith and The Apostles, and I must say that both bands slayed!! It All started with an ominous deep pitched sound that I can only express a s being in the belly of a whale. Boom! Max's guitar blasted in, and the sound adventure was off! The E*Meters pumped the crowd with a sound that can only be discribed as the bastard child of Mission of burma, Guided By Voices, and The Minutemen. I was particularly stoked when they did a Wipers cover, due to the fact that I'm a big Greg Sage fan.. E*Meters killed it!
Up next was Tyler Keith and The Appostles.. If you've ever heard the band ,The Preacher's Kids, then you know that Tyler's presence is an energetic and hilarious one. They rocked!!
As we all know, as the shows continue, so does the flow of cheap beer and hard booze. Which definately made for great people watching, especially considering I was the only sober one there. Towards the end of their set, the members of The Preacher's Kids were summond to the stage, and the classics were rekindled, and the floor was hoppin'! A guest member from the 'Goner Records' band, 'Blue Mountain' came to the stage for the classic "Summertime", and everyone seemed to join in and be riled by the energy that was being pumped through the crowd. That is until' the falling Blue Mountain tumbled, in slow motion with the mike stand in hand, directly into the speaker stack. Taking the speaker and anything in the way to the floor, which resulted in the flipping of a table stacked with cheap beer bottles, mixed drinks, and a few personal items. Crash!!! Needless to say, the band never skipped a beat during all the mayhem, and kept the crowd roaring. Broken glass was quickly kicked under the tables and the dancing and cheering continued. All in all, the show was a complete success! I can't wait for the next one!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

i want to go back < 3

support lee bender, buy this board

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one of the things i miss the most about skating in phoenix is the level of skateboarding you would experience at any given session at any one of the many parks... malouf is gonna go somewhere in the skateboard world. he can ollie cars...pops like the best... oh yah i stole this from marcus carr


This is one of the best bands out there since The Locust. I love powerful base plyers that know how to get down. Someone very special hooked me up with this picture disc, and I am forever thankful. If you see it, get it!!

no introduction needed

some people

have too much time on their hands

you could be the proud owner of this

skate your face off

this song is on repeat until i get to go skate

True Norweigen Metal

Darkthrone has been one of my all time favorite Black Metal bands. This 5 disc collection is a muat have! A collection of unreleased, original 7 inch songs, as well as some of there best anthems ever. I suggest geting this. If you love Black Metal as much as I do, you won't be dissapointed..


I love to build skateparks... I love that what I do will be around for many to enjoy, and be an avenue for many to express themselves. What we do is an art that cannot be expressed through mere words. It takes alot of hard work, sweat, and dedication to make these skateparks possible. Not too mention all the red tape we must go through to bring these to life. I came here to help a community build something special, and help them keep the money spent within their county, and give the skaters another place to call home. These are some of the projects I've overseen and busted my ass to build. Enjoy...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Love What I Do....

I love doing tattoos, and I love giving them to the people in my life. This is a tattoo I did for a friend of mine in Colorado. The more I do, the better I get. Today I'm gonna' do some color work on an pre-existing tattoo that is dedicated to my son. He is my everything, and I wish they made all the colors that could represent the possitiveness he brings into my life. And when the love of my life gets home, she'll get some ink herself that represents the happiness she brings to our relationship. This is not low life activities, but an expression of who we are, and a dedication to the things that mean the most to us. I am a canvas painter, and well educated artist of many mediums, but skin is a medium that is hard to master and takes alot of skill and commitment to the dedication of my art skills. This is eternal, and I love it.


there is a statcounter on this blog. statcounters record your ip address, location, what you click on, download (click on a photo to view), etc. the reason i put this on my blog 2+ years after i started it was to see if anyone actually looks at it, what part of the planet they are from, etc... it was pretty entertaining to find out what people google search to have this blog come up as a search result... since the name of the blog "the gay ocean" or "dr. gay panda" has nothing to do with homosexuals, some pretty entertaining things come up. so there has been some entertainment from the stats themselves. it's interesting to see what people are interested in that i post... it also came in handy when someone felt the need to post comments that were offensive based on a friendship with someone that i had issues with... yah ok if you want to go that far, they're just going to get deleted so why waste your time?

i've noticed in the past few days, however, that a few people go directly to the negative stuff. based on location, and what they click on, i can pretty much guarantee they didn't find the blog on their own.

i want to point out that there are over 2 years of positive posts on this blog. places i've gone, people i've met, things i've found and want to share. despite what some people might think or feel, i am not always a negative person. yes i can be shitty. but aren't we all?

now i've known for a long time that people LOVE negativity. i don't care if you claim you are a positive person, claim that you don't care what other people think or feel, we all secretly know we do care and aren't always positive... it's like watching an accident. you can't look away.

but i'm asking that you explore other things, not focus on the negative. blogs are kind of like open diaries people either read or they don't...

but remember, there would be no positive without negative.

don't cry, lady

lol thanks forjan

next year

Get Out!! Experience The World!!

I'm so glad that I took a chance at getting outside my bubble, and went out and experienced what's beyond the horizon. I've surfed the icy shores of Oregon, climbed the frozen cascading waterfalls of Colorado. Witnessed the amazing sunsets of the Arizona desert, and hiked the Mayan temples of South America. I've snowboarded unchartered full-moon lit runs of the back-country of The Crested Mountains of the Front Range. I've fly fished the White Rivers of Aspen country. I've done so much in my life that I never would have had the pleasure of experiencing with being able to let go of the grip of my security blanket, and stayed in my nest. None of these things took alot of money, but a need to experience life outside of the norm, and break free of the daily routine. You can always come home and get a job, so why wouldn't you at least try it? I guarantee you won't be dissapointed. Freedom is only a word until you take advantage of it.

Do I Need To Title This?

lafayette co.

i wish this was in lafayette country, but alas, it's lafayette coloRADo!

this flow area looks like too much fun!!

tyler and the sector 9 bois

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ha Ha Ha!

I have to admit, I'm a little 'curious' as to what this record sounds like. Ha ha!

totally gross

classic case of yellow crotch for sale on the internet

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Hoth Princess Leia Underoos size L 12-14. 1981 Due to age the elastic is almost totally gone and the cotton crotch has yellowed. Sort of a T-shirt with panties. After I outgrew these I found my 3 foot bear could wear this. Please check my other auctions for Batgirl Underoos.

The Underoos comes from non-smoking home. If you want additional pictures please let us know. Please look at my other auctions. I am listing some random items, Barbie, and Disney dolls. I will combine shipping or if local I will meet to save shipping. Buyer Pays Shipping

Take Part, Be Heard. Everyone Matters..

If You Don't Know, You Should Check It.....

Today has been eventful. Now it's time to listen to the sounds of Superjoint, and sweat away the impurities and attrocities of todays society. If you haven't heard them I advise you to look em' up. I don't care much for Pantera's polished sounds of frustration, but I think Phil has finally found his sound.
I've been a fan of these guys since I saw them in Denver several years ago, and they have never let me down when I need a sound to fit the torment in everyday atrocities the world has to offer. Both albums they have released are amazing and full of full throttled aggression. A must have for head banging derelicts like myself.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a classic lol

this post originally appeared on january 19, 2009, such a classic, had to bring it back...


ronnie, al, and aarone came by to skate with us yesterday and finished off the carne asada from oldmanmike and oldmanbrian's birthday session on saturday.
wrex n ronnie pics by

pelvis heard all the commotion and had to stop by to see what was going on

aaron shows his meat cutting talents with the sphinger

oh no, ronnie!

team slack

photo by team slack manager colin shumate

hawayana concrete waves

i found this on someone's facebook i think, not sure... in hawaii if i remember correctly...

ode to toilette papel


go away! i'm baitin'! sharkbait!

baker, sauce co-hort extraordinare sent us a couple of copies and a hella shitty button, thanks dude!! i've been wanting to check out this zine ever since pod sent me a photo of the hella shitty shirt... this zine is definitely worth checking out...

shark bait is a rad cut n paste black n white photocopied zine from oklahoma. there's not much in that state much like the one i'm in but motivated people always find something interesting to write about and share with other skaters. these people are what keep other scenes worth checking out. thanks shark bait!!

check out their blog here:

first issue i checked out had an interview with tim kerr of big boys - if you don't love the big boys then we probably can't be friends. shark bait #40

the other issue he sent was #41 with a frank gerwer interview, a rad trip to albuqwerky story and various other fun stuff...

order one of these to keep the zine alive!

Monday, December 13, 2010


since moving, we haven't hung out anywhere nor with anyone really besides a little bit of family here and there. hard to find a crew in such a small town... so we trekked up to memphis to hang out with taylor, bambei and hammond and any other memphis crew that wanted to come by. their house is awesome. it was good hanging out and skating and meeting a new face, mike. the vibe here is totally chill. it was good to see everyone that came by... there was some sick shit that went down but i forgot my other camera so no skate shots came through. cellphone shots are blurred without sunlight so i took shots of other stuff...

memphis usually only takes a little over an hour to get to, but this time it took over two... we encountered this traffic jam right past coldwater. everyone in the state was headed to the annual singing christmas tree in memphis. we found out the next day, a fedex truck (empty) flipped causing this commuter meltdown.

this is why we came to memphis, to hang out in this hangar style shed with a rad little ramp in it

a tree fell on it at some point

here's what's stored inside...this used to be at a local office, previously named the "office ramp"... we met the previous owner, mike. pretty nice guy!

it's got brick coping on the taller side, wrex called it firecracker coping because of the sound it makes when you grind it

jungle jeff came by and blew out all the water

we had a few sessions with breaks indoors between

hammond was making wings as we headed back home. maybe next time we'll stay long enough to taste test those bad boys...

until next time! thanks for the hospitality taylor, hammond, and bambei!!