Wednesday, November 25, 2009

if you haven't seen the extremely sorry flip video, do so immediately. fast forward to lance mountain's backyard pool and bob burnquist's backyard ramp (check it here at holey cow. watch it then get stoked on ripping. go skate. have fun. oh yah, david gonzalez has an amazing part too. and geoff rowley!

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On behalf of Flip Skateboards and VAS Entertainment, we would kindly ask you not to post pirated copies, composite copies or extended clips of "Extremely Sorry" on your site (or any non-trailer clips from this movie).

We do appreciate that you are fans of / are promoting Flip and “Extremely Sorry”, but the producers and distributors would greatly appreciate your co-operation in removing your links to the pirate files in question.

Thank you for respecting the producers’ and distributor’s wishes and, if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, previews, then the official trailer for “Extremely Sorry” is available for fans and bloggers to post/ host / share etc at ... .. for further details of on-line promotions, Flip releases and Flip products generally, check-out the official site and Flip’s YouTube channel at .

As you will appreciate, this post is written on a without prejudice basis and, as such, all of our clients' accumulated, worldwide rights and remedies remain strictly reserved : please excuse this required formality.

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itsa nice to be colorful

i do so much web browsing while at work i can't remember where i found these. but yesterday i was going through some more webpages and found that it is in france. marseille marseille....

butt preference

please stop.

2. angle
blah blah blah i deleted this info because it's blah blah...< important part here: no butt-shots... > back to blah blah blah blah blah blah

if it happens once or twice, fine but consistently... maybe just move to the other side of the ramp, dude.

can't wait!!!!!!!!

single white male over here...

advertising single white male photo by carl campbell


so i saw this on and thought i'd check it out, rather cool looking website, i mean really cool. it takes a long time to load so i have yet to see any of the art other than the artistic website itself. click here for nevercrew

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i realize i am behind the times

pixies vans
i will never understand inherently negative people that create an image for themselves as positive love all things....yet have an innate need to destroy people.

concrete wave


Monday, November 23, 2009

jfa's wisdom

i am Sally the gossip queen
I lie about everything that I've seen
I only see what I want to see
so don't deny what you hear from me
Guess What guess who fucked up
guess who went to bed
guess who loves you
guess who hated your guts
guess who adores you
Nothing can escape my eyes
you can't fool me with your lies
there's not a story I haven't heard
the latest scoop I know every word
Isn't it true
that you
you know who

handicapped rampblader?

i just saw this guy skating at chandler skatepark recently... d'oh!