Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

ajax diner


don't know what to get

the girl in your life?? how about a pink rifle

ronnie's hair

gets around

shorts vs pants

someone asked pringle how does he skate in tights and his response was "they're stretchy" haha
the thing i miss the most about the sessions out west, is the same feeling i get when i look at this picture. the kids of our friends already know what life's charms are all about...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

support positive influential artists

max has some sort of twinkle in his eye that is channeled through his art. i feel that he is a peaceful positive influence in the life of the people that surround him. he is one of my favorites.

check out max lehman click here ---> maxdna

here is his latest work - titled "bubble headed bird brain"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

before the empty

forjan gets a 50-50 over the deathbox

artsy skateparksy

ripped off from someone's facebook

Monday, December 20, 2010

more coverage, professional photos

click here --- > to check out trife street's official blog for more professional quality photos and captions like this one...

trifestyles of the rich and famous

we arranged to make a one day trip up to little rock, arkansas after making a trip up to visit the trife street crew and session their ramp (see previous post from last weekend). after a week of waiting and working, finally the weekend was here. a few of the guys came down to skate our local park on saturday. it was s fun chilly session on the eve of our trek up northwestern way.

the obligatory cell shot before getting on the road... wrex and mike check the tire pressure after we get some gas heading out to memphis to meet up with our tourguides an early start at 6:30 in the morning...

we get to the memphis crew house dubbed "trife street" about 8 am... good to see that these dudes are ready to hit the road, there's nothing worse than hopping to go with laggers... anyway after some cranky interrupted morning dumps and general razzing of their crew babyface, jack, we load up the cars with boards, bags and buttocks and hit the road. on the way out, we got to see the new location of the diy spot, altown version 2.0. looks rad... at the end of their street with lots of potential for creation.

wrex and i hopped in bambei jeep along with tino and mike. we stop about an hour out of memphis and see this piece of do-rag radness at the chester chicken gas station

the plan was to hit kanis first for a couple of hours and then the dreamland park afterwards... luckily for us, we're along for the ride and up for whatever comes up...

local sweeper in the diy

a lot of diy stuff has been going on over the past few years since my last visit there...seriously creative stuff going on....

the bowl is super rough and slick, but super fun. this is not for the "pampered by smooth concrete" skateboarder. this bowl was built in the 80s by a local contractor. considering these guys weren't skateboarders (if i remember the history correctly), i think they did a pretty good job... if the bowl was swept and mopped, it probably would be 10 times better, however, you skate what you got before you and you have a good time.

fart panda showing the scumline some love

there is some awesome skatepark graffiti along the decks here as well...


bambei lien to tail

wrex bs disaster

one of three things wrex can do anywhere and on anything: rocknroll


this is the only photo of taylor, pivot

jack, i'm not sure this was a make in the punkwall pocket

the crew watches as wrex pushes pushes to taste test some diy crete

wrex 5-0s the jersey barrier pocket

of course naturally when you go visit an old friend's local spot, you gotta give them a ring and a how do ya do, come skate with us. hence, the detour in our plans to hit up spent the rent kent's ramp for some weiners and a ramp session...

his place is pretty sick... up a giant hill we drove into the woods, u know it's quiet and peaceful up here, away from little rock city life overlooking a wheat field, his ramp rests...

thanks kent, family and friends for the hospitality!!!

after the ramp, we went to a dimly lit north little rock park which was amazing!! however, with few lights, it was impossible to take full advantage of this lovely concrete dreamland creation... we all decided that another trip up soon is due, and this park would be the focus of our attention.

all in all, the trip was extremely awesome, hard to put into words. but if you can relate, u know what i'm talking about...

thanks memphis crew for getting us out and up that way. looking forward to our next trek with the crew!!! keep it trife...

great weekend

had one of the best weekends skatewise last weekend since moving out east. some of the memphis crew (hammond, tino, and bambei) came down saturday, gave the park some much needed ripping with wrex and mike, sunday made a skate trip up to little rock, arkansas... want to save most of the epic story tale for a future episode of trifestyles of the rich and famous. here's a teaser of the action:

wrex rocknrolls some kanis diy jersey barrier contraption