Friday, November 14, 2008

shut up and just shut up

chicken ramp

shut up and skate! - photos by brian bullis (old man army)

wrex fakie rock on extension

a highly confidential conversation - they get to talk because they make me laugh

zombie aaron - truckside!

zombie aaron - staplegun

zombie aaron - alleyoop frontside rock on the extension

things to do with oma sticker backings

a rad place vol. 1

we went to washington street in september. one of the best times of my life. here is the website to find out more about the ongoing progress and ways to donate to keep the park growing and changing...

here is the funbox that was under construction when we were there, it's now complete and looks fun as all get-out...

i'll give you a dollar if you eat this collie

looks like the video is finally done and premiers start happening this weekend. check the blog for locations...

don't watch what you say

the sessions always bring new material of the quotable type, however, i have a horrible memory. last night there were so many, like seriously, one after the other. however, the only one i remember was:

"too many ninja moves at once" - wrex

i'll get you next time, baker!!! oh, nice sweater vest by the way.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

let's go, let's skate

me and my best friends like to skate.

here's a video of us getting our shred on and not talking or typing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the pecos locos toz bezy

this is erinch at the chicken ramp. one of his last sessions in the u.s. such a rad guy and skater. he tried this trick for about 3 hours straight as everyone sat there looking and cheering him on downing beers in disbelief at his determination. he got shipped back to turkey to serve in the military last month. "it feels like i'm blindfolded" was his remark about being sent back. hope you are well...

photo by aforjan

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

al b nekkid

pink crack n sauce

everyday i have to sit at the front desk for 2 hours now. so i figured i could use this time to find cool stuff to write about. i met jer from nc due to a mixtape/cd trade i organized for the annual oma bbq and he brought me a copy of pink crack zine #5 out of wilmington, nc. i was totally excited to finally get to see it. the first thing i noticed was that pod is on the contributors list. pod really gets around!

the zine is pretty awesome. it's mostly photos in the cut and paste style. it's also a giggler. so many hilarious pictures, "ads", and captions. my favorite has to be the story written by jonathan smith titled "charles bukowski's unpublished manuscript concerning his brief foray into professional wrestling" hahaha... it's written very much in bukowski style. there's also some rad art by jeremy millard.

this zine goes straight to the toilet (this is a good thing!). i give it 8 sheets of tp out of 10.

here are some pictures i snagged with my cell phone this morning (the scanner at work is still not working properly):

write pink crack collective at 2450 louisiana street, wilmington, nc 28401 or

Monday, November 10, 2008

things i heard and have reused since

"smells like a decomposed unicorn" - bakerface

"i feel like oprah" - carl

"our band's name could be bodies of dead deer" - adamite