Friday, April 1, 2011

oh AND

i have the search feature turned OFF. so beat it!!!

rightous jam 3

taking it to jonesboro!

hotlanta just got hotter!!

off the chain ya'll, grindline in atlanta!

click here for what's making atlanta even hotter!

best shoes ever

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

go faster to fun

our new spot to escape rules

and our new favorite taco shop rules too


There's Nothing Like Vert......

Yeah!!! We Found One!!!!

We finally found some plaster gold here in Oxford, Ms. Good luck finding this one Kooks!!! Ha ha! We still have more fun than you!!

video flyer

this happened back before certain people decided they were much cooler than anything positive relating to skateboarding in oxford.

Monday, March 28, 2011

vert ramp

welcome to the hairlip club

if you see kay...

met up at trife street and hopped in the subaru with lasiter and zack, our sites were set on little rock yet again. this time we only had the indoor in mind since it was cloudy and chilly and rain was looming in the forecast. the enjoy shop recently moved over by the dreamland park (best bowl ever) and the new place is coming along nicely. a heated session picked up instantly as everyone was ready to skate the perfect vert ramp. we were all surprised by the ripper guy named lyndel who started blasting airs and frontside ollies in no time! turns out he built the ramp, makes sense! always love the vibe the older ripper guys set for the session when they start pulling out some classic vert tricks. wrex was hyped as soon as he got out of the car and with all of the motivation on the way up, he lands back to back inverts... what?! the session ensued and all the trife crew wwere pumped to try some stuff on it as well. i didn't have a decent flash so i didn't attempt to get pictures. but if you're curious, seek out hammond's footage for all the vert highlights at

also click here to check out the enjoy life: the enjoy life they are also on facebox.

up to invert on the vert - he's at home here

after some runs on the vert ramp, our bellies were grumbling and vino's was in order. we headed to vino's.

gimme some pizza n beer fool

taylor wouldn't quit eyeing the redhook douche

calzone cone cheers

after some pizza and a brewski, that's right, time to hit the pisser. despite the crappy bathroom graffiti just a constant reminder how dumb people are, at least someone has good taste

been there for awhile hammond says - jroll is everwhere apparently

headed back home to bummerland - thanks mike n trife for the goodtime. see you guys soon!

"Skateboard, It's All I Do! Skateboard, I'm Better Than You! Ollie In The Deep End, Backside Air Into Your Chin!!"" -JFA 83'

Life Just Got A Lil' Sweeter In The South....

This past weekend was pretty wet, so we got in the cars and drove to Little Rock to visit Daniel, Colt, Ryan, and the rest of the Enloi Life crew for some indoor sessioning. We were all pretty hyped on the way up, thinking about the awesomeness of finally having a vert ramp in the area, and all the tricks we wanted to learn. I was pretty stoked that everyone was hyped on the huge trannies, and that I would not be the only guy skating the vert ramp, which is the usual scenario... As soon as we got there we just started hitting it. Pretty much, everyone got something that they didn't think they could do. Taylor got frontside crail, Zach got backside smith, Hammond got 5-0's. Hell, Bambei was putting together lines on that beast!! When Lyndel dropped in, it was apparent that he was the the maker of this sweet giver of "free air". Thank you Lyndel..... The ramp is perfect... The park will be open soon to the public, so keep an ear out for the Grand Opening!

Thanx Daniel, and all the dudes in L.R. for putting this place together. Nice work!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

god damn baker rules

logged into facebox and this is the first thing i see. can't wait to rip ride slash attack with you BAKERFACE at the end of april.