Thursday, December 4, 2008

you left your board at our house

doin' it right - skatepark design

last night we were looking at this photo and noticing all the cool features that you don't see in other parks. one of the first things i noticed about the colorado springs was the brick trannies they had. i love the sound of skateboard wheels going fast over bricks. wrex pointed out the "benches" and how they are placed before deeper trannies. whoever designed this gets major props.

issues with photos

the new skateboard mag has a new photo issue out, here are some of the noteworthy things i saw.

cutest most wanna make you go awwwww ad - look his nipple puts the oh in enjoi

these are perhaps the ugghliest shoes ever - muska supras

best graphic i want on a tshirt - poop boobs (u should have gotten these instead mama)

and raddest photo goes to lee bender by matt price - local niceguys!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i'm constantly annoyed by persistantly annoying people who have no concept on successful and respectful human interaction in various situations. one of the few things that keep me from exploding is my very level-headed bff and the ever surfacing concrete bowls that i constantly get to drool over... like this one.... oh coosbay....this picture was posted on the oma site by larry martin... thank you...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

wowzers, can't wait for dessert

username skinner posted these on the oma site... updated desert west grindline bowl... looks extremely fast and hecka fun. at first we thought you could transfer over into the street area from the corner where the stairs are located but from these shots you can tell that there will be a deck there. yay, let flyouts die already!!

blowing kisses to wsvt

i was daydreaming about love affairs of the concrete persuasion and went back to look at wsvt pictures. i miss that place. well, i miss the bowl... i wrote this on the oma blog and thought i'd paste it over here... farewell mi amore...until next time... oh and i also wrote an article in the latest az steez about that trip. i'll post a link to the online version if it becomes available. ok toot toot...

"on the verge of too much gnar" by dr. gay panda

if there is such a thing, it's called washington street. washington street is a "diy" skatepark project comparable to burnside (by idea).

we went to san diego with brian and mike of old man army for ASR. i had never been to one but my main excitement was getting out of town and going to some new skateparks. we got into SD on thursday, made our way up to encinitas to stay with mike's brother. the next day we took the train back down to SD and i got one picture from the train.

asr was kind of boring, the food was expensive and rather disgusting, no beer to keep me alive (unless i wanted to spend a ridiculous amount on shitty beer - no thanks). the coolest things i saw: index ink booth, the skateboard art show, and a crazy looking guy from tapout. seriously i stepped into another world when i saw this guy coming through and people stopping to gawk at him and kiss his hand.

the guy in the camo on the right (photo by mrz):

i met some super rad people at asr as well.... we left after about 6 hours and went back to our hotel... the next day (saturday) it was ON though..... going to washington street in the morning and then asr later that day?

so we grab our boards, a bagel, and a cab and head to washington street. when we got there, i was thoroughly intimidated. first of all, i was lucky to be there. this place was built by locals and it's their "territory", i don't RIP like them but i know i'm privileged because of my company. my boyfriend helped do some work on the early stages of construction AND HE RIPS. so i'm the lucky one.

after being there for an almost an hour, he could tell i was feeling timid. so he comes over and says "come on, you're going to skate!". phew!! i was just sitting there thinking that i wish he would come over and make me get off my ass. so he takes me over to the bowl in the back, OMG. i crawl in and my legs are already shaking. he says "it's like tempe" (referring to the bowl at tempe - the tight little one) and i think "oh no it's not" just looking at it. here we are in the pink heart going over strategy :) (photo by oldmanbrian)

i knew i had to approach it like he said though. i fully trust him. so i get about halfway on the waterfall and slowly roll into a toilet bowl carve. coming out of it, i felt the ripples in the concrete and i was so stoked i jumped off my board and was like "wooHOO!". i did the same thing probably another ten times, feeling more and more comfortable each time. eventually more rippers started showing up so i took my spot by the grill and the secret beer stash and chit-chatted to anyone that stopped long enough. needless to say we never made it back to asr.

that night i went back to the hotel dreaming of the bowl. and i woke up thinking about it. the next day which was sunday, we go back to washington street. the gate was locked so we waited for the locals to show up. within 15 minutes we were in the gate. i headed straight for the bowl. i probably carved it 50 - 60 times through the few hours we were there before we had to leave for the airport. i'd take 10 runs, take a break, get back up and do it again. each time i felt like starting over and after the 4th or 5th time, i was back into it. my bf gave me pointers on how to get up higher in the bowl and turn more. scary at first but i have to say that it was one of (if not THE) best time i ever had skateboarding. my legs were exhausted for the next week but it was totally worth it!!!!!

oh and here is a rad griptape sticker a guy named frank that we met was giving out....

more pictures from old man brian (i really need to get a camera!!!)

my boyfriend in the bowl...

places i want to go (click on the pic to see the fullsize)

today is a poopy day. here are some places i'd rather be... (and i got all these photos from googling them so i'm not sure who photos credits go to - although the one myrtle creek, oregon photo was swiped from oregonparkskater's post)

Monday, December 1, 2008

why do today what u can do tomorrow or the next day

because you don't know what you might get to do the next day or the day after that? oh well, i'm making today a slow day. i don't feel like doing any actual work right now, i get off in 34 minutes. and there should be plenty of time tomorrow. i found some funny pictures...

men in garbage bags - photo from negative

squeezing al into the kiddie car made sadie laugh

this was at the old man army bbq pool party in 2007. carl knocked over the chair accidentally just as jimmy moore was about to sit down. it was pretty damn hilarious. photo by brian bullis (oma)

the yucca killer - this guy camped with us in oak creek. then we skated all day with him at sedona. it only took him 6 hours to dig up this beautiful plant that he later lied about and said it was thriving. dickman ratted on you, arkansas... photo by bakerface or pod, i think it's pod.

lack of myspacing = behind the times

i feel like it sometimes. i rarely get to check it now that it's blocked at work but that's ok... i guess i feel like i miss out on some rad news, like the new sauce due out on dec. 7!!! we got to see a preview of it since our friend, frog, is printing it up for bakerface & pod.

follow pink crack around... arkinsanians show you some nifty leveling tools, rad ramps in az, etc...

oh and thanks a forjan guy for the heads up!!

sk8, h8, can't rel8

it's monday after a 4-day weekend, my neck is jacked, and out of all the skating we did this weekend, this is the only picture i got. i'm grumpy.

saturday skating for 5 hours, in 'n out, high maintenance high heels on a bicycle, angry koreans, and a chocolate milkshake