Friday, April 29, 2011

2 Zines, 1 great weekend!!

So stoked to be riding with my good friends from SAUCE and Shark Bait!! Trying to get a lil' exposure for some dedicated locals, and promote awareness of a certain DIY spot, while staying under the radar!!! Cuz' as we all know from previous DIY projects, you don't want to bring the wrong attention towards all the hard work you've put into it. Cuz' all it takes is one idiot to bring it all down.

Keep it underground, and keep it real


thanks wrex :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


click here to watch tour asiplanchaba valencia 2011... le gay panda promises you will not be disappointed!

let's progress, not digress. i think some people who check out the blog will enjoy this. so feel free to visit if you are here for the right reasons. :) happy skateboarding...

souped up and ripped out!

an extreme series of thunderstorms pounded lafayette county and surrounding areas throughout the night tuesday. the residents' attention hung closely to radio and television reports where available on the status of the incoming threats. double rounds of twister producing thunderstorms ripped through north central mississippi on wednesday. many did not sleep well the nights between these intense days of extreme warnings and sirens of cyclones.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011


i love picture perfect days where the sky is blue and the clouds are fluffy.

yesterday was fun, beautiful weather, awesome family easter cookout n egg colorin, then wrex broke out the dirtboard and a hilarious session at the park by our house ensued!

wrex had some pretty hilarious bails but here he manages to make it out alive!

adam coming in hot

wrex practices le macarena style

adam gets low

all in all all survived with minor scrapes and a hole in the hand. until next time!


test test test blah blah blah


Happy Easter To the Dons....

Well, we didn't get to go to the SPB convention in San Francisco this weeekend. Every year the Dons meet in SF to give highest of fives, and exchange art and stories frome the previous year, and enjoy the presence of true brothers in arms. But me and Don Kent spent some quality time in their honor, slashing and slaying in the name of SPB! Keepin' the blood runnin' and the pink flyin'!!! Hard to believe it's been 20 years....

chicks that rip

i love seeing photos of girls that rip. fuck "chicks" that sit at the park, talk shit, hump the air and cop squats more than they skate ---go away (this goes for dudes too)!!

this is gloria!! haven't met her nor have i skated this bowl but it's FDR which means fuckin' damn right, this is gnarly!! more lately than usual i've been seeing coverage of ripping ladies. saw a few in the latest lowcard and pink crack is always down to give those worthy some coverage. which is where i lifted this shot.

go on, git some pink crack

Keeping Shit Real!!!

So hyped to be riding with some great friends this weekend!! Two zines with one goal, and that goal is killin' some Southern concrete!! Hopefully we'll get some "core" exposure for the Trife project while staying under the radar. Cuz' as we all know, too much hype brings too much unwarranted eyes, and that means the death of most DIY projects. With the help from some true skaters, hopefully we can keep this a secret, while bringing in funds for a well needed spot.

Keep it underground!!!

Silly Pink Weekend

Well, we didn't get to go to SF for the annual Silly Pink Bunnies Convention, but we took our good friend to see some Dons in The Rock.. Seems like everytime we go there, an epic adventure is almost guaranteed. This trip was no exception..