Saturday, May 7, 2011


We See You......

Keep stalking and being a kook, it just makes things worse on you and let's us know your maturity level.... No wonder you're in your mid 30's and sleepin' with teenagers... Time to grow the fuck up!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


everyone watches as bambei bust some sick dance moves!

Get Your Hate Straight....

Funny how some people will talk shit, and bag on you, and then they bite your style.. Suddenly wearing the same clothes, biting your lines, and chaulking up your tricks... WTF? Some folks just don't get it...

Mini Ramp Champs, And Early Grabbers Can Suck It!!!

Suace In The South!!!

I'd like to say thanx to Sauce Skatezine for comin' down South to help get some exposure for "real" skaters doin' great things. It was a blast, and I look forward to skating with everyone again. "Keep on pushing"!!

in motion

ronnie diamond by aaron forjan

yeti number 9

picked up the new issue at goner last weekend. this is a pretty rad bookzine. it's got a lot of art and writings in it. comes with a cd and a small writeup on each band.

cover by lori d

band reviews

Thursday, May 5, 2011

what u talkin 'bout, willis!

today is local skater artist appreciation day at DGP!! i just read something and i just had to drop some knowledge. rule no. 1 research your hood before you go dissin' it. and not sayin it was meant as a diss and not tryin to hurt anyones feelings but if you're new to the area, learn the music scene and the history, what's kickin right now aint necessarily reppin the past 10 or so years... lots been happenin here for a long time. most of my friends have been standin proud for a long time in the music biz around here. and most definitely deserve the props and shout outs! word to my homeys!

so check this out, stork been entertainin fools for decades and he still kickin so don't count him out yet. he gets the bootys shakin and the crowd hyped, aint' no doubt he's one to keep your eye on.

and let me tell you this, don't think for a minute you got 'em in a rap battle, i seent him rip honkeez in half with his lyrical ammunition. at ease pleeze!!

basically he IS oxford hip-hop. just sayin'...WORD!

some more stork jams

and his homey oso negro? never heard of him? word, check this out...

oso negro hip hop and he don't stop

and let's not forget the multiple times 2 live crew been in the hizza and knocked the fuck outta the library for gettin sorority girls on stage and strippin, oxford never seen so much drama mama, was the talk of the town for the next two weeks!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

rock n roll baker

waffle house session

panther mountain

is in the process of being relayered. we never got around to it.

you are a moron if...

Monday, May 2, 2011

trife street in the new sauce!

i did a little interview with trife street (taylor) for the new sauce and to promote trife street... get it while you can, issues will be limited and highly anticipated!!

stay up to date

with the latest in skateboarding at DGP all day. photos are constantly trickling in from an epic weekend in little rock where 4 states converged to create an explosive weekend of ripping that would make any rainbow change to the color of envy.

jersey shore? fuck that.... jersey WALL!

wrex smith grind... the kingpin was meeting heavy with this jersey wall at kanis.

if you don't know 50 kent, you probably don't know what real shredneckin' is about

baker face was inducted into the silly pink bunnies on panther mountain even if he didn't land this and he was asleep with an spb sticker pack on his head, kent says "cuz he is just too damn cute" - this sentence is fragmented and awkward for a reason (i'm sleepy).

more to come eventually!

already been done

even the airport has spots in little rock

twizzard power on panther mountain

yeah baker!!! you haven't changed a bit!! file under #homey4life

sarcastic yankees

it was voted unanimously on panther mountain that this is one of the best zines out there. very little text, nothing but pics mostly and all are of roadtripping. the foreword says it all but you're going to have to find it to read it because i can't remember. basically it says "get the fuck out of your town and experience the world". pools, parks, sick spots and radness by xeno miller and friends. check it!