Friday, February 18, 2011

$$ stencils

wrex made a couple of new stencils for the memphis guys.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

johnny watches as bambei's twin, tyler, from little rock does a spine transfer into the deeper side of a heavenly bowl.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

william watches as wrex gets a burly frontside grind in the super slick bowl of kanis.

Jary sayz, The Goons can Suck it!

Epic Weekend!

I have to agree with the Doctor..... We had yet another epic weekend... No tramps, haters, or irritating invaders. The only thing better, is knowing that we have another great weekend coming up. I can't wait!!!

Maalouf @ Malouf!

So stoked for my boy Chris Maalouf for taking 2nd place in the Malouf High Ollie Contest! Homey took home $2,500.00!! Yeah Az!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

poppycock and darkthrone

as usual, got up early on a sunday, headed up to memphis, met up with the trife guys, sorted out seats in three different cars and hit the road.

had to check it

asbestos fury

sessioned riverview, had a blast, only got one picture not sure where it's at, had a blast, met up with the little rock crew, skated for hours then headed to check out the progress at the indoor.

we are so cool that we get to session spots before they even open. i stole that quote from hammond because it's so true.

finally got to try "the best pizza you will ever have in your entire life". i have to admit that it was pretty damn amazing, also had a tiny red stripe on the back patio with the memphis and arkansas homeys along with some new face(s)... you never know what you will learn in your daily adventures so keep your eyes open and your ears peeled... i most definitely did not know the other benefits of semen. maybe certain people should take a few swigs of mansemen and maybe perhaps but probably not their lives won't be so sad.

walking up to the rainbow bridge, kanis glows in the distance

crack kept hammond from doing the roll-in, there he is going down on the tranny

a little late on ryan's fsg. ryan gets mad respect for the way he kills kanis. word!

hammond insisted wrex needed to get a back smith over the deathbox, not only did he get one, he got ten or so. even two back to back.

the session ended at the jersey wall with the LR fam hanging out watching wrex, taylor, william ehrle, hammslice and kent destroying it until the last bit of energy was spent

bambei broke his wrist. NOT SO NICE! and jack was dubbed poppycock by the LR crew. NICE!

headed back home reminisced about what another great day was had by all. see you soon LR. until then, keep it steezy.