Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ode to the crew

from tim jones

pod's book

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sweet tats

We Still Have More fun Than You....

Funny how some people get into skateboarding, and immediately try to run things in hopes of some kind of recognition or notoriety, whether they understand the reason for doing it or not. Guess what? This started as an outlawed activity, and the outlaws will always be on top. We were doing it before you came along with your need for attention and energy drink endorsements, and we will be here long after the spotlight burns out. We are skateboarders, and we always will be. "Keep Rolling", is not a 60's soul song, but a reason for living.. If you think you can fade something that has been going since before you were born, you must be as gullible as Senator Palin..

Tough As Nails

Sometimes when you move on to a new venture, you leave a little security behind. Missing the true movers and shakers becomes part of it. But the friendship that we shared, and the times we had will always keep me optomistic. Hopefully the scene in this dead town will blossom like a flower pushing through the manuer, and the fellow skaters will have opporitunity to enjoy the real reason we do it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

look up to d. boone

vagina-like fashion

if i was rich...

while shopping for a car, i found this bad boy. lee bender called it perfect, his first car ever..

first car i had. 78 cougar xr-7 mine had wire wheels and a black landau top as well as perfect black paint. 400 modified with a 4 barrel carb. 8 miles per gallon. set up to run premium grade gas that was expensive at 1.30 a gallon at the time.

the clencher for me was the white plate on the front, written in sharpie was "the cat"... meow!

i love this place

Monday, December 6, 2010

cowtown rules the foundry