Friday, May 13, 2011

do it

i pledged, did you?

slag has a new zine in the works (escape route) but not enough money to get it going. so they are using kickstarter to get it started...

"Slag Sf
Please support Escape Route! We only need to raise $288 in 8 days to reach our pledge total. "The zine will not only be free and accessible, it will help us to build community, empower females, inspire creativity and promote social equality and civic participation."

they have until may 21 (just a little under a week) to raise the remaining $300 or so dollars.

Your metal sucks...


total style

bennett harada at venice; photo by cesario montano

arkansassy makes me happy

ripperwill posted this link on facebook with some kanis bash coverage. had to check out the rest of the site because it's pretty damn rad with photos, articles and videos of everything going on in the great state of arkansas.

click here to enter gnarkansas and see some sick pics like this one plus much much more...

concrete wave

click here to download the winter issue of concrete wave 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get it together!!

It's amazing what can happen when skaters come together.. This bowl is all DIY, and volunteer built. Some things are more important than egos..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Property Has Been Saved!!!!!

Jenna Hirt rules!! The long time skate spot in Florida was about to be taken for back taxes, But there's no way a family of skateboarders would let that happen... Jenna had gotten word from the well known Hiler family that the land was about to meet it's demise, and she quickly petitioned and put the word out to all the die-hard skaters of the scene."We need help!" Everyone jumped on this as soon as possible to try and eases the pain, and save a well respected spot that has given everyone great memories.$6,221.94 was reached within days of her posts,and the land was saved!! People think that skateboarders are just a bunch of punks and hooligans, but we are a family that knows no boundries. And once you are a part of this family, you will always have someone on your side, for life...
Congratulations!! And thanx to everyone that helped out and opened their wallets. I just hope this proves that there really is something special about the family that skateboarding brings, and that there is no room for egos or attitudes when the shit goes down.. keep it tight, and don't let the kooks of the world get you down.

breakin' it to you the only way he knows how

spencer asked that i alert the local gang of dramamamas to his blog, click on links so he can make bills, yes yes ya'll

are you sure you want to see what spencer has been up to?!

this is how shit gets started

motivated people and yes it's lonely at the top, that's no lie. get shit done.

check the new sauce for lots of diy coverage including the brooklyn street spot.

die trying.

Hard To Believe It's been 6 Years Already...

It's amazing to me that it's been over 6 years since I first met the Trife crew. Alot
has happened since then, but the fun never left!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

*NEW* Sauce out Now!

i've read lots of notable people in the skateboarding community (mostly from the NW) say that this issue of Sauce is one of the best ones yet. i was so excited when i opened the mailbox and there was a fat package with pod's handwriting on the front. thanks pod for letting me be a part of such a rad project. you and baker rule!!

we have 15 or so with a majority of those committed to memphis & LR. any that are left will go to homeys only so if you want some sauce, order here:

Send $2 to SAUCE Skateboard Zine, PO Box 42124, Portland, OR 97242

Back To Our Regular Program....

I'm pretty stoked that me and my love will be back in some plaster holes soon. Flights have been made, and accomadations are set. We hope to have 30+ pools under the belt, and we're gonna' be leaving some steel on the concrete. Possibly fit in some time with Hammeke at Thrasher to shoot photos for an upcoming pool article.. And even get some time in with our friends at Old Man Army.... Pretty stoked, indeed!!!!


yah i need it too!! :)


What Do You Call It?!!!

What do you call it when you tell some one that you dislike them and what they represent, and you wish for them to stay away, yet they keep coming around to see what you're doing and try to snoop around behind false proxys and digging up anything they can find out. Constantly looking for anything they can to get an outsiders version of vicarious living. I'm flattered you think we're so awesome,and you can't go on without knowing how much fun we have, but personally, I find it sad... If you are tired of this, then just leave us alone and let us live our awesome and happy lives..

My girl recieved a text last night from someone we really don't even know, pissing and moaning about the things "I" wrote. On Mothers Day with her children of all days. If you are a firm beleiver in Karma, this will not stand. The fact that you think it's alright to harrass someone on a holiday dedicated to the love and care she has given to her offspring is definately an indication of ones character and respect. Actions such as these firmly state why I have no desire to welcome such trivial activities in my life.
How do these people always seem to think everything is about them?!! There are no names or descriptions, only guilty consciences placing them to the dillema. You know who you are, and what you're doing... Manipulating others is not how you should treat others, espacially if they are supposed to be your friends. And to put them in that situation is not fair to them. It only puts them in the same category..
Several times we have tried to get along, only to be pushed to an uncomfortable level of communication. At this point, we don't want anything to do with it, so just leave us alone, and stop being a internet vampire hiding behind 'the cloak of stoke'. If you feel this has anything to do with you, sit back and look at your part. Nobody decided to just all of a sudden pick on you. Everyone has had an active part, and are held accountable for their part. But when we say we'll just stay away from each other, and you keep coming back, those are your conscious attacks.. I say attacks, because when someone says stay away from me, and you keep coming back, that's harrassment and an attack on me, and my family's personal space.

There might have been a chance at resolving things, but due to the constant voyerism and spying, I don't think it will ever happen. Just leave us alone... Go away... stop keeping tabs on our blog.. Stop talking about us, and let our names dissapear from your vocabulary. I really find it ridiculous that this is even an issue.. Just go away, and leave us alone... And in return, we'll leave you alone.. Sound fair??

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I'd like to say thanx to all the Moms out there!! Thanx for putting your kids first, and showing us how to love the world, even when it leaves a bitter taste. My mother is one of the most amazing women I've ever known, and has given me more than I could ever imagine. Thank you for being there for me, as a counceler, an friend, an advisor, and a guardian... I love you Mom, and I look forward to giving you a big hug when I visit.. You rule!!!!