Friday, May 20, 2011


Thursday, May 19, 2011


luckily skateboarding is super hot right now, so TIME magazine is sending me and my bff on an all expense paid trip up to LC to write a full-story on this place...

some people are stuck in high school

watch this and go fuck yourselves.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

chicks grinding

coping, not air or legs. pdx chicks rule.

all others wish they were this cool.

Monday, May 16, 2011

double oh seven kind of weekend

had a very double oh sevenish kind of session at the skatepark on saturday, memphis guys came down and skated with me and my #1 homey. we skated for hours then hit up our favorite taqueria minus a few that had other engagements.

luckily most people in this one horse town don't know about my favorite watering hole. the margaritas might be weak but the chips and homemade green chillay salsa and tacos and various other authentic mexican offerings are enough to make you think you're not in the south (america). after much bellyfillins and thirst quenching, we said our adios banditos and our partners mosied back up to memphis where we would see them the following day. sunday morning rolled around we filled up on some cafe bustelo and headed on up to memphis for another day of skating and coping repair in memphis.

lasiter purchased this high tech epoxy gun. it mixes two tubes into one stream of professional quality epoxy fillins

then we went to altown and wrex killed it. RIP Altown, lol jk - this was the dryest it's been in almost 3 weeks. well since before baker hit the south, we couldn't skate then due to rain, well it finally dried up enough to get some runs. then new qp next to the og one is perfect. so smooth and buttery thanks to the hands of wrex and bambei.

galinis finds a piece of wood to hold back the kudzu as the onlookers wait for wrex's next attempt at hitting the top brick.

i believe this is the highest anyone has gotten. mark my words, he will grind the top. it still baffles me how small this wall looks in pictures but we all know, this is gnarly!

after this session we fought the rush hour traffic and managed to find a parking spot at johnny's house just down the way. we watched the grizzlies get mangled in the last 5 minutes. better luck next time i guess.