Friday, May 27, 2011

donate 4 concrete

Thanx Jesse!!

nbk all day

new reading material

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i do what i do

baker being baker at one of our last ditch sessions in az

because i love it. i think some people are confused by my intentions. i have none unless it includes fun. i'm not out to make people feel less than worthy of whatever happiness they are searching for. i think some people have misconstrued my contributions. i'm not here to make anyone feel like a loser, whatever feelings you feel you feel them. i may not like you but that does not mean other's can't like you either. i might think some people suck but we all need love.

this photo describes everything i love about skateboarding. freedom to be yourself, to go where you want to go, to be who you want to be without letting anyone put you down or get in your way. and i feel the actions of a certain group are all about that right now, putting me "in my place". but i'm going to keep doing my thing and one day, they will move on to the next thing to ridicule, make fun of or whatever. i'm going to keep moving forward to better things in my life because i learned something a few years ago, i deserve to be happy too.

so whatever your intentions are for clicking on this blog, i hope it's purely positive. if not, please leave.

all the neighborhood dogs

Less Than 30 Days....

So hyped!! There's less than 30 days till' we go on our Southwest Trip, and I can hardly wait!! The Southwest has been a skateboard mecca for years, and has every terrain you can think of. Pools, ditches, ramps, and parks..
Two days of shooting with Thrasher Magazine, then the rest of the time is up for grabs.. We already have 15 pools confirmed, and the Pecos Locos will be back together, and the Old Man Army have some treats for us as well.. This trip is gonna' be epic!!! Thanx for the photo, MRZ...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

in response

no room for women in skateboarding

clearly this title says a lot but i disagree. there's plenty of room for women in skateboarding. contests and big corporations do not define women's roles in skateboarding. women do.

start supporting only companies that support females in skateboarding, females start competing with the men(like calamity jean), we claim equality, well prove it. as women we define our own futures, not wait for the men to do it for us.

i won't let a contest or a corporation make me feel like i do not belong in skateboarding. so while this might seem like a hard hit to some of the female skateboarders, i guess you have to ask yourself why do you do it.

if you're going to let men define our roles, there will be less this:

lyn-z adams-hawkins fs invert at johnny romano 2010 photo by: notsure

and more this :

computer animated skateboarding hoochie photo credit: gross ideals

favohright place


i went here a couple of years ago and rode this bowl all day. my legs were like rubber and i could barely walk. sweet memories live long in my head until one day i return to carve a feeling of hollow from the deep.

in this photo is someone i've never met taken by someone i've never met. the world is small.

deep thought

it will always be amazing to me that people harbor negative feelings AND feel like they need to attack people despite not having any kind of negative interaction with that person.

Monday, May 23, 2011

We Still Have more Fun Than You!! Ha ha!

riddle me this brother

Another Epic Session...

Yup, it seems to be inevetible, that everytime we skate we have the best time ever.. Yesterday was no exception. Everyone found some new lines, added a couple more hips to their run, an Kim got lines all through the bowl(including the cradle!)

It seems like when you skate with quality, fun loving people, you always have a great time!!

yesterday was nice

yesterday was nice at the skatepark... no lurkers, no losers, just skating!