Friday, June 3, 2011

Al Town Will Be Closed For Repairs, Saturday. 06-04-11

Doing repairs, and fixing the Spine quarter pipe. As well as installing a curb onto it. So unless you're skating the ledge, it will be shut down.. Sorry...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

stalk this

dj horsepussy raisin the hoof with his words of wezdom

bling bling

haney gave us some new bling for the car at the enjoy life opening last saturday! thanks, always down to represent and support extremely awesome people!!

>always up to enjoy-ing life!

en joy on facebookinit

monday funday

memorial day session at terry's oasis compound in memphis... this was a blast

jack rips, this was over the hip if i remember correctly to 50-50

bambei gets a low splash factor to pull this dive into victory for the trife street dive team!

stopped by the spot before we headed back to oxdoodoo, skate in the shade if you wanna

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

saterday whattaday

one of the most beautiful sights to me is that of an empty park. and the icing on the cake is that this is le brown spot.

after a much heated session with my bff and on our way to kanis, we stopped by the gypsy trade center.

there was so much to score! who knew? we loaded up on a year's worth of tears

got to kanis and immediately pulled out the coozie. cheers big ears!

the kanis crew inspects the insides of the new sauce. verdict: it rules!

tyler wasn't sure if he was in a ruff ryderz video or not

papa bear takes baby bear fishing

pollock makes the new kanis addition his bitch

after another hot session, we went back to enjoy to check out the rest of the opening event the reason for the trip up to little rock. some locals were killing it! haney man here throwing out some product to the winners. the burgers were super yum and the company an extra extra treat. if you haven't been by the new shop, you're blowing it! go by and support what it's all about - FUN.

we were back in memphis in no time with explosions in the sky, as we crossed the river on our way back home.

til next time, keep it trill!

like its sunshine - on the 1001 post

manual reverto broke the 1000s with his supremely awesome post on sunday with a wrap up of all the fun we had in little rock on saturday. booyah! feel free to rummage through the tales of yore. we been writing for 2 years now. woop woop and we don't stop. enjoy! thanks to all the dgp supporters!!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Radderfest, And The family Involved.

Well, The Enjoy Life Skateshop and Skatepark had their grand opening yesterday!! So we had to go show our support for such great folks doing great things for their skateboarding community. Hainey envited us up to the VIP lounge for a glance at the best lil' indoor in the South. This place is so cool!! They had contests all throught the day with all divisions, and jam sessions in between. Free food, and great times were had by all. Not to mention there were crazy deals going on in the shop! Pretty much everyone left with something!!!
While most of the grom sessions were going on, we went to skate local spots with local friends. Meet up at Kanis and skated, then took off the shoes and stepped into the river for some fishing. I can't even tell you had rad it is to throw up some frontside slashers on concrete lips, then walk 40 feet and enjoy some solitude in the river with a couple fishing poles. Them Kanis boys know how to do it!!! Kent came back with two of the biggest croppies I've ever seen!!
Pretty much all of this trip consisted of shredding really hard, bro'ing down, relaxing, then barging again! Perfect!! I have to say, this was one of the best Arkansas trips to date. Not to mention, Georgie got married!!! Congratulations guys!!