Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

jody killed the whale with a stalefish!

you guys smell like shit!

Monday, September 12, 2011

enjoy-ing life

the toast trife street tour stopped in little rock to share some love with the homies at the kanis art benefit show. not a shitty piece in sight. they raised over nine hundred bucks of which ten percent goes to trife street. bros helping bros, heres to you! if you see anything you like, be sure to hit them up for instructions on purchasing some extremely life enhancing artwork.

Toast Skateboards & Trife Street DIY Tour...

This trip was awesome!! It was so great to meet skaters that do it for the soul and the spirit. No egos, no drama, no scene splitting, no attitudes. just the acknowledgement of a common love for what makes us individuals. It was such a breathe of fresh air to see skateboarders come together and do things as a family, and not cliques and teams. The St. Louis skaters have a good idea of what it's all about. They don't wait for someone to do it for them, they take control of their own destiny. Thank you Bedwell family, Jp, Zach,No Coast skateshop, and the rest of the skaters for showing us how you do it. We will be back!!!

The Mid-West is definately the heart of America...

The Platypus has been spotted!

This was the first thing I saw when I awoke and opened the door. I love this picture, cuz' it describes my trip completely. Exiting the darkness in the South, and stepping into a world of color, stoke, and motivation.. This trip is what skateboarding and taveling is all about!

This place even has a ramp in the house!! As if all the concrete wasn't enough..

Jody, lightin' off some firecrackers.. this coping sounds so awesome!!!

We were greated with open arms by the St. Louis strongholds, and were stoked to be invited out to JP's place for a private session. This seriously went on till 4 in the morning!! So awesome!

Yeah, the pool light works... This coping was just set, but alas our trucks were a force to be reckoned with, and it began to pop up... Ooops!

Thank you Jp for all the hospitality..

If you're gonna' skate, you need to be a part, and put the effort out to help it grow. This should be everywhere. Toast is all about it, and we all woke up early to skate, and remove the loose blocks so that it's ready for the repairs..

This shop rules!!!! Thanx to the Bedwell family and the St. Louis skaters for opening your arms to us!! True family!

This rules! No ages, no egos, no attitudes, No Coast!!

Even in shark infested waters, these guys don't stop spreading the hype, and pushing the stoke factor!! No Coast is the real deal!!

Carl rips at life!!! Thanx buddy!

Breaking the carthritus curse...

Bridge Life...

Apparently the concrete companies in St. Louis aren't very good at math, and that's a good thing. The skaters order 3 yards, and the truck bring 5 yards. Gotta' dump it somewhere, so why not just dump next to a barrier?

I really like this one!!

The rebound pocket is killer!!

Now this is my idea of a fun box!!!


Every obstacle here has a story.. The bridge screams of great times,hard work, and the struggle to bring a community together to reach a common goal. This is skateboarding!!

St. Louis has vert.....

The gateway to freedom...

There's nothing like bridge graphiti...

I kept having flashbacks af Seattle....

Nice work Bedwell...

Stoke seat. That's a St. Louis manhole cover they used for this.. Pretty rad!

Me and this pocket have a score to settle... And if you know me, it will lose...

"Life Box.."

Unfortunately, every scene seems to have a Kook nearby fuckin' up the dream... Size 8= dead meat.

Don't lurp off others!! Support the real deal!!! Buy a sticker!! Buy a shirt!! Buy a board to support those that build the refuges for skateboarders! We're all in the same family, so let's help build the family tree!!

The session at No Coast seriously went OFF!

I love it!! Everywhere is more hip to life than this wretched town.. It's awesome to get out and enjoy the real world.

Yeah Sneed!! I think that the raddest part of this trip, was the following of legends, and the bond between the youth. No egos, no ages, just a common stoke and a love for skateboarding!! Sneed, you are Southern skateboard history, and present!!

Bummed we didn't get to ride this piece of history... We found out that the drain pipe collapsed... Bring your bucket...

Jody pretty much destroyed the punk wall at Kanis. Corner stalefish, from high to low..... Damn!

I earned myself a badge.... This aint stoppin' shit, when the stoke factor is up!!!

I love going somewhere, and seeing that your homies were there!!! Yeah Scotty!! "BALANCE!"

True Mid-South skateboard history....

Ron at Cheapskates in Memphis has a great collection of skateboard history. Thanx for sharing your memories with us!!


We still lurk harder than you....

Memphis OG's were on the Spot!!! Yeah Drew!!

Edward Pigeon is all heart!!!

The Schaefer's were feeling the stoke factor!