Friday, September 23, 2011

Thanx For Putting Us Kids First!!

There's something special about the love between parents and their children. My mother had it hard, with three kids, no father, and three jobs.. But she knew what was important, and made sure that we were first. I'm glad she met a man that really cares and helped her become the wonder caretaker, and love giver. they always put our well being first, and the rest of the hatred in the world outside our house. i feel sorry for those that never got the chance to feel such love and gratitude of a family that cares for each other, and the special feeling of knowing that nothing else in this world matters more than conveying such compassion. Thanks for loving us, and not letting any outside influences harm our temple. I love you guys, and I have learned so much from you. Thanx for being there...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

if you don't know...

christian albright, you're missing some fire in your life. congrats, dude! you deserve it.

i got issues

of collaborating with rad people. all of these people got their shit together and keep it tight. looking forward to getting this...!

Pink Crack & Born Ugly: Issue Release Skate Jam from Ben Coffman on Vimeo.

pink crack kills fool dontchakno

get a rise

picture lifted from da sauce blog

some of the things that have happened recently left me feeling what a snatch local must feel looking at this picture. however... i think something good will come out of it. whether it's mental clarity or a newfound motivation... something will happen. i'm not mad at anyone and i'll let you know directly if i have a problem with you. i just hope some people are in it to win it and not just prove something to someone or fulfill selfish needs.

because don't we all have just one common goal?

see you out there. and remember, we could be looking at a broken pile of concrete but what we have instead is something extremely awesome many hands built together. no one could have done this alone.

picture taken by dgp

Takin' It Back To It's Beginning..

Going back to the basics, and remembering why we do it. Perhaps it's time to get back to the real reason we do it, for piece of mind and enjoying the serenity of just riding. No Fame, no fortune, just letting the world drift away one grind at a time. Steppin' out of the spotlight, and getting back to the real reason we do it... For fun...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

gonerfest yeeooowww!!

can't wait to finally get to my first gonerfest event this saturday, if you wanna know the full scoop though, go here for the official low-res version of this weekend's events...

clickee here for da stuff

oh so this also means we will be skating the spot that day so i'm asking that the hate squad find somewhere else to skate that day. perhaps, jonesboro or hell, your favorite metal ramps in tupelo. thanks in advance.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

enjoy-ing a tree

Yeah, I Got History...

Thrasherland... Fiberglass skatepark we used to skate at as kids.. 84'-92'

Invert at The Block Ramp, Alva Dayz, 89'

Finger-flip Lein To Tail at Our old park, 87'

Boneless on Kevin Stabb's ramp. 84' Yeah it's a vert ramp...Taller than the 8 foot fences...

Grey Slide in the Basha Bowl, 87'

Tempe Pipes 85'

Lein to tail in the Basha Bowl, 87'.. There's nothing like a real pool..

NSA contest, 85'... Just got sponsored by JFA. Before they were on Skaterock comps.

Fakie ollie at the Long Wongs vert contest in 84'. I loved this trick, especially over channels...

Stalefish, 87', Gonz just got the picture of his new trick, and everyone needed to learn this at the time...

I have tons of more epic shots as a kid, skating alot with Salba and Micke, Stabb, Colvin, Sluuggo, etc., but you'll have to wait for more.. Some of us have been doing this for years, and we'll be doing it long after the kooks get fat and disgruntled. We are skateboarders, and have been for decades.. And we'll never stop, cuz' that's who we are at heart. This is not a fad, or an avenue for being cool, but this is our life, and what our souls ache for!!! And when you decide to be a cool guy to the old dude at the skatepark, remember, he's probably been doing it for a while and he probably has alot of roots and connections.. You don't live something for over 30 years and not have a idea of what it's all about... later haters...

This Describes The Skate Scene Here In The Mid-South...

Thanx homie for stirrin' the pot....

Monday, September 19, 2011

swamp thing

fsa on the wallride. props!

to see full size click here

Some do, and some wait to bitch about it.

Fuck em'.... We'll do it ourselves, and you can take your drama back to your Momma', cuz' we aint listenin'... We're to busy making our futures pure, and full of epic skate times with the help of quality folks that actually "want" to be a part of something real.. No bitch sessions, or character degredation through phonecalls, or message sharing BS has never stopped us before, and in the end, makes you look like a bitch... My feathers are clean.. How about yours?.....


Thanx Witz' for the Grindline package. I dig the shirts and the videos, but the boards are rad!! I hope to be "pushin cream" with the real guys behind skating real soon. "Keep on pushin'!"

constant disrespect

i guess you can get offended by this if you want. i don't really care anymore because no matter how hard we try to stay away from certain people, they just can't stop showing their faces where we go to try to avoid having to see them yet it is quite apparent, they just gotta show up at a place we put our heart and soul into. and it's pretty obvious, you're doing it just to be in our faces... we drive at least an hour every weekend so we can skate with OUR homey(s) without having to expose ourselves to negative assholes and idiot bitches, i guess we need to try driving further away...oh and you can't stop checking up on the blog as always.... so fuckeee you again. and again and again. one day you will get it... maybe. but i kinda doubt it, you're obviously extremely stupid.

i am more stoked on the little kids from the neighborhood learning to drop in and kickturn than anyone else i've seen skating there and taking advantage of our hard work.

and whoever did this, you're an idiot. yesterday we decided to attempt to have fun at OUR local skatepark just to get bummed out yet again...

desoto sk8 has been a huge supporter of oxford skatepark and everything we've done from the getgo so to blatantly disrespect such a HUGE SUPPORTER of everything that was ever cool about anything that ever happened at oxford skatepark, well just an obvious sign that shit still sucks here. keep fucking yourselves. you know who you are... you're not in nor are you from 80s era skateboarding. get your own damn style.

not only this, but new graffiti, wax DOWN THE TRANNIES of the tombstone, wax on the coping, and someone spilled something near the volcano that is eating away the concrete... oh and lots of gum in the bowl. keep sucking.