Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011


in progress!

team pain in arkansas!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

memphis part one

sometimes when you are dragged down by those around you, you have to find a new place to hang and chill in order to maintain your positive mental state. for us that meant driving up to memphis or little rock or wherever we can out of town every weekend. until recently it was the spot but even that got invaded by the people we try to avoid. let a sleeping dog lie just doesn't make sense to some. so we keep moving along. last weekend was no different. luckily for us some people get it and understand the needs that need to be fulfilled with friendship and common ground. we met up in memphis at our favorite breakfast spot with lasiter, ulander and terra torture. grubbed some delicious brekkie and made plans as we talked and laughed about life. we settled up and talks about what to hit first started up... ulander already had some plans in mind as he quickly made suggestions for the day. first up was a stop at a pool he's got under his belt. and like any pool skater knows, loose lips sink ships so he hadn't spread the word about it. it was dry recently but this day it had water in it. next time! next up was the MLK memorial downtown that he's always trying to get us to but everyone else always shoots down the idea. apparently the og crew used to skate it on a weekly basis. i had never seen it so when i walked up to it, needless to say, i was in awe...

the mlk monument that has been around for twenty years, skated and played on, unscathed.

it's like it's own little skatepark, too bad it doesn't have a snakerun lol

wrex rocknroll appropriate for memphis

mike gets a drop in! crazy spot! took him a few minutes to get set up as the top of this bank is only about 10 inches wide

wrex tailslide

mike still has more pop tahn most youngsters

this was a pretty cool sculpture fountain

man on a mission

after skating around the area for a bit, ulander took us by another infamous memphis spot, the civil rights museum. they were celebrating their 20 year anniversary. i remember when this opened, i suddenly felt old... seeing where the tragedy happened was surreal.

he pointed out the window james earl ray shot from. the window is still propped open and they give tours in this building to show the shooter's perspective.

the view from the hill

there's a lot more where these came from. post soon. work is being a bitch today. soz!

The Pits.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

big news from the coloRADo front

top ten best features of the newest skatepark in colorado

old man hermann hole

i can't wait to go here soon where you can skate all day all night if you want to. this place looks too fun.

no coast skateboards

also checka here for some cool skateboarding news...


Monday, September 26, 2011

The Richest Man On Earth..

So stoked to greet the mail-woman, and recieve a rather large box. "What the hell is it?!!", I began to wonder, then I looked at the return adress and knew just what it was. It was my art peice from Dan Tag as part of our "Legends Artwork swap",(ha ha ha) I was so hyped to see what it looked like, and it was too heavy to just be a canvas.. So knowing the history of the 'Team Steam' legend and his antics and how creative his art is, I was giddy like a child at christmas!!

He hand makes his frames, and they become art, that surrounds the artwork. So rad! No two are alike. Truly one of a kind art peice, and a one of a kind artist/ 80's vert legend. And he never let the fire burn out that says, "I'm an individual, and if you don't like it? Fuck off."

So fukin' sick!!! Thanx Dan.. You've made me the richest man on Earth...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Skating Memphis, and Getting The Gist'!!!

Heading out of the dismal negative "Oxford seen" , and heading up to Memphis to skate the city and not just the usual DIY, or mini ramp locations. But the City outside of Mid-Town, called Downtown Memphis... Thanx guys for the awesome tour of the spots... We needed this, and it was so appreciated..

First spot after Barksdale's was this rad gem!! The shallow sucks, but the open facewall is amazing!! Death after light grinds are a must, considering they're both on the facewall, and only a foot apart. This egg is sick!!!! I got some things to come back and get here!!! Gunnin' fer'ya' egg!!!!

Next up was the famous MLK monument. I've always wanted to skate this historic skate spot, and thanks to the Memphis skate historians, we got our chance. Thanx so much!!

Ulander rules!! Or as the hag said, "Ulander, yer' so metal".. Ha ha ha!

After skating the MLK monument, we went to see where the dream became a nightmare.. It's overwhelming to see, and I don't think the strange energy af such a horrible scene will ever leave this place... But they turned something horrible into a place of education and understanding.. This stop was really cool, and it just happened to be the 20th anniversary of the Civil Rights Center.. Pretty heavy things goin' down..

The building the shot came from. See that slit in the smaller one to the top right? That's where the shooter stood atop a bathtub, and murdered one of history's greatest civil rights activists, Dr. Martin Luther King....

The view from the murderer's hilltop.. Sketchy standing up here.. Seems like a negative feild of energy has been stuck there..It feels eerie..

Beauty amongst the heartbreak.. This pic is my favorite..

Heavy shit....

The rain came for a second... Then opened from the possitive aura the "stoke factor" brings. It was perfect timing to cool things off..

The 4 hour session at Terry's was so rad! Galinis will hold on, to anything!! he was killin it!! I wish I could show you more, but I was too busy skating to take pictures myself.. You'll just have to wait on Dr. Gay Panda to see how rad it was, but I shot this from the screen while the DR. was editing.. What's Mike doin'?

As you can see, the "stoke factor" was infectious, and Mike Lasiter was intoxicated by it!! This pretty much says it all, we still have more fun than you.... Ha ha!