Thursday, October 13, 2011


not much to talk about today, here's somemorable skate videos...

the official teaser

dos favoritas

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


happy birthday, aforjan blogspot!! hope you have an awesome day! we miss you.

keeping up with the joneses

some people just aren't concerned with having a couch

or a flatscreen tv

or a refrigerator

rad locals

saw a great show in oxford saturday night - first up was mouserocket with alicja trout - she's in a couple of my favorite bands - lost sounds and river city tanlines - followed up by the overnight lows - which i'm destined to never hear - have vinyl but no needle - and had to skip out for a few minutes which happened to be their set - but that's okay because i made it back in time for my awesome friend's band - e*meters - with a couple of talented locals that got no problem with creating an equally awesome project if not better than their last project - they are insanely good - and that's no exaggeratoin - the only problem i see is there are no recordings yet - if you get a chance to see them - do yourself a favor and check them out

mouserocket flying v action photo by beaker

oxford locals the e*meters photo by beaker

so ugly

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sometimes when you can't find the words

someone's already written them for you...

this is how the city folk and mole people connect
somebody warp the message right, i'll pass it to the next
now the perforated county's making you upset
magazine, check check, paper route, check check
this is how the hermetic and busy bee connect
somebody's losing track of their flesh and blood in arrests
polka dotted landscapes what did you expect?

interesting and pretty accurate

Longing for what you don't have requires mental effort and stimulates memory and attention, according to a new study. Envy also sometimes inspires us to emulate what we admire. Do you think envy can be a positive emotion? Or do you find it exhausting, (a downside of envy, according to this study)?
- new york times

"Envy May Bear Fruit, but It Also Has an Aftertaste"

seems pretty accurate after bearing the brunt of some people's recent actions.

making it a big deal

sunday mornings are usually a great time to go to the park when the weather is nice, take a few runs, sip some coffee and have a generally good time before heading off to skate around town at our favorite spots. however, the past two times we've been there's been some gut-wrenching bullshit. first the obvious disrespect of desoto sk8 with some gloppy gold spray paint. no telling how long it had been up until we make a deal out of it and finally someone takes it down.

i can already hear it, "they're making a big deal out of it"...well it is a big deal to some of us. especially to the ones that worked their butts off to get this park and have to deal with the constant opposition.

all i can say is when you invite in the general public, eventually you will be inviting in the police AGAIN. didn't we already go through this?

we tried to steer the attention of the SKATEpark to skateboardERS only as they are the only ones that understand the importance of having a skatepark. most of the general public don't get it and never will. but isn't that what we want? or are you really in need of validation from people that have no interest in ever stepping foot on a skateboard?

i don't think i'd cry or feel one inkling of discontent over some graffiti at a tennis court so why would your average joe walking down the street have any feeling over the skatepark getting destroyed. because afterall the general public has already categorized the skateboarder, right? i know some people are gonna get whiney over us bringing attention to it, but it is a huge deal.

the park has been open for five plus years with little incidence of graffiti other than maybe three or four small things that aren't even noticeable anymore. and after calling out some local loser who felt the need to sharpie offensive crap all over the benches, i'm ok with being the asshole.

so the next obvious step was to call in the police. in hopes that somehow this can be avoided in the future and possibly find out who did it. and since the hole in the fence still has not been addressed by the self-proclaimed "skatepark ambassadors"... we pointed it out to the police as well because obviously hoodlums are using it to access the park without being seen.

i just feel like this a direct correlation to the division of the skateboard "community" of oxford. if you dont' think it's related, you're probably still thinking about how different we are.

i searched the area for any kind of evidence and low and behold, i found this... the police now have it in their possession. "it's got fingerprints all over it".

it only sucks if you can't skate it. we have a skatepark in mississippi, one of only two concrete parks. it does not suck, in fact, we're fortunate to even have one.

i feel the same way sometimes but no need to spray paint it. ok?

um agreed but really, do you need to deface an awesome piece of concrete some of us worked super hard to get and keep?

the cops didn't understand how the stickers got to the top of the cradle, i pointed at wrex and said "this guy did that", so the obvious request was "show us how you did that"...

overall the police were very responsive. we explained to them that the lights were being shut off an hour earlier and perhaps this gave the defacers enough time to trash our haven. we also made sure to point out that skaters wouldn't do this to their own park since they are lucky to even have one and would hate to lose it... i found it not surprising that they didn't know of prior graffiti at the park.

it's usually pretty good...

naw man it fuckin rules 24-7

Monday, October 10, 2011

It 's Back.....

It's gut wrenching to see our church getting violated, especially after all the effort to get it together. It took three years to get the general public out of the park due to graphiti and vandalism, but it only took one Summer to bring them back.
Many of us have been skating for decades, and have seen this so many times before. We've even warned of such antics, and tried to explain that this has happened in the beginning when the park first opened, but egos and attitudes would not let these words of wisdom be heard. Well, the outcome has been lurkers, drug use, and vandlism coming back to a safe haven that so many fought to keep. Nice work jerk! Maybe next time someone of experience warns you of a bad outcome, you might listen... But probably not...