Wednesday, November 30, 2011

look down on us

props to canada for setting a good example. the big O is a part of skateboarding history. if you skateboard and don't know what this is, it's time to move out from under your rock. instead of tearing down and destroying a historical (skate) spot, they preserve and relocate, unlike your typical capitalistic ways of america as we've seen with several DIY spots lately getting ripped out of our hands for commerce.

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the big o on her way to her new home picture courtesy of

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


it's been awhile since dgp posted a magazine review. the skateboard mag issue number 94 came yesterday and i was inspired to share some of the highlights. this review is brought to you with lo-fi pictures so you will go out and buy it to see for yourself.

da cover

this issue contains sick spots as always the mag delivers, there is another one from vienna that was even sicker than this but this one made it to email first.

new jacks aldrin - i really like this photo the fluid of motion

YOUR history.

RIP snatch homage

black out with el vortex

ads that make you giggle

i feel like the skateboard mag is for the refined skateboarder who appreciates the finest in skateboarding photography. the stories are always entertaining, sometimes written by the photographer which i feel gives a more insider view to the story, not just through the lens but through the words from the eye.

the skateboard mag

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

done caughta' gottagetaway!

made a weekend getaway to little rock over the holiday for the enjoy life's video premier. we met up with the oklahomeez at riverview but it was just too ridiculous, locals snaking the out of towners and just general retardedness so we headed over to the backyard feel of kanis. where you can sit yer butt down and run your mouth drink a bag of wine or rip it til it hurts on some homemade crete features. thanks little rock crew for having us over and putting us up!! and extra special thanks to haney and lyndel for letting us in during the rain for the indoor session! see you guys soon!

kanis is constantly growing and evolving...

wrex testing out the new qp gap

wrex backsmith

cigarette front side ollie

cigarette front side grind

creek time


first try promises sleazy steve wallride

ryan fourth try pollock

first try albright

united kolors of kanis

friends padding up to catch the private vert session with lyndel at enjoy life

lyndel roe invert

wrex backside air

albright backside disaster

jonesboro in the house dreaming of landing this next time

albright frontside ollies the doorway to dream